My Dream Destination :)

When this question comes up ppl strt excercising their brain cells to look up for different beautiful n breath taking destinations in the world where they can simply relax,chill out,ease their minds and have fun. Some might love an icy area like switzerland, or hilly areas of Pakistan, bzy roads of Newyork or simply stand and watch the water falling down the Niagra Fall, but for me my favorite destination means something else.
Some ppl might laugh at me after reading my imagination but this is my strongst desire so far,and for me my favourite destination is a mixture of all these things,all the seasons present on this planet,every bit of a landscape should be present there,and most of all i can view any time of a day according to my desire, where i can watch the sun rising from the east and the very first ray tryng to pass through the big mountains, where i can see the sun shining high on a beautiful valley,or a sunset where the sun simply sinks in the sea and comes out from the other side…or just lay down on the cool grass wid my hands tucked up my head and watch the full moon shinning above me, i want to see all of dis at the same place where i can simply move around n njoy all of dis, widout buying any tickets or tensions of money,…“hahahahahaha” i know most of u wld b feeling this way after reading it bt for those out there who really have imagined all dis after reading, I Welcome u all to my Group πŸ™‚
I hve heard from my elders that there is a place where u can njoy all the seasons, u can see all the beautiful spots,lay down n njoy the cool breeze touching ur skin. Yes there would b a place,bt then again it isnt possible in this world for this u hve 2 possibly die =s,that place can only be created by my Lord and its a reward for all those good ppl who have bared alot in this world so tht they can njoy every bit n piece of it altogether,i want to see it too and for that i dun have to save money or worry bout tickets n packages. All that i hve to do is to be true to myself, to my Lord n to the creatures of this World. Like to prepare a To-Do list of all the thngs tht can be possibly done that can get me a ticket to paradise. But then again i think will my Lord grant me time to even work on those things?? will i be ever given a chance to earn myself a ticket to paradise?? I hope so as i truely want to visit my dream destination just like others want too but the difference would be tht the ppl think about this dying world rather then the world hereafter.
I truely wish and i pray to my Lord to grant me enough time which will let me save my soul and earn me enough deeds which will be my ticket to enter paradise and that will let me enjoy all the flavours of my Dream Destination

Smiles πŸ™‚

One thought on “My Dream Destination :)

  1. Sheikha says:

    Sana its really beautifully written. I loved it. Its just great. The way you portraited your dream destination encourages everyone to get that one day πŸ™‚

    BRAVO !!!!!!


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