Mayosi [Hopelessness]

What does really come in our mind when we think of this word “Mayosi”, “Hopelessness” and “Bleakness’, why are we getting into this thing and according to me this word is in general use these days. Even I have become its victim every time and forth, and why on Earth could something like this happen, don’t we have Faith in our Creator, don’t we have Faith in the strength of Dua. We are Mayoos over not getting the right Job, the right field, the right cell phone or the thought to loose something very dear to us creates Mayoosi, even mayoosi can be found in the slightest of our daily routine.
We being Muslims aren’t fortunate enough that we have been given so much to get guidelines from be it Quran, Hadith there is so much in it, that can be of greater help. But we the Muslims don’t believe in the power of Faith (Emaan) or Dua(Prayer) the power that people really consider in these days is Money, and after that Contacts.
Sometimes I even get bit by the venom of this predator though mashallah m able to offer my prayers regularly, but I can’t get my problem as in what is the thing that keeps on eating me chunk by chunk and the pain keeps on incrementing on each bite, I just have to get rid of all this grime, but how could I what is the thing that is deficient. My Best Friend narrated it to me in a way that “An Empty Mind is a devils Workshop” n m 100% aware of this fact but m not just getting myself into anything these days. Just to distract myself I have created my account in blogspot that may be this writing can be of greater help to me and for me its proving to be. I was literary planning to right something about what actually is going on in my mind and today m able to type down all what there was, that my friend is really true that an empty mind is a devils warehouse I should say. N it’s a shame indeed for me that being a Muslim having faith in Allah, praying 5 times a day I still loose hope in my own dua.

Oh Allah! Please Forgive me for loosing hope in your Qudrat , please forgive me for thinking otherwise, Oh Allah! You’re the Merciful grant me the strength and patience, grant me the will to make my own decisions. Oh Allah! My dearest grant me the one and only I wish to have.


6 thoughts on “Mayosi [Hopelessness]

  1. NaVeed says:

    there is a saying in urdu language “Maucce Gunah hai, Saanse hai tu zindagi rawan hai”

    why maucce is gunah cuz its something that is not in the favor of nature and there are many other things that are not in favor but still people use to do it..everything has diff meaning but people still use to do it cuz may be our ancestors took it in some other way. I am not saying they were wrong or something but yeah they were not even 100% ryt as well short i want to say a few simple lines..

    “Man or Insaan by nature is a worshiper”..

    now what is diff between worship and prayer and another question are we harming nature in anyway.. think about it..
    this may lead you to some gud place..

  2. xunz says:

    Good article… nice template… its good that u started writing…trust me i have seen those ‘farigh’ ppl, their mind is really devil’s workshop, they keep coming up wid devious schemes…
    And yeah, we usually turn to Allah when everybody has turn his back …i have experienced that when i leave matters to Allah, things start to sort themselves in a way tht i had neva imagined… it gives me a new sense of independence…freedom frm depending on ppl… i feel connected to Him all the time!

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