Finding Nemo

Well a new guest has arrived at our place…and it sounds exciting to watch it all the time lurking here and there lols 😛 Yesterday our neighbours were leaving for vacations and they just came by to gave our mom the keys so that she could just check there plants and all.. in addition to that they passed on some Fish Food to us and we were like “U want us to feed the plants Fish Food eeekkkkhhh” lolls at this they couldn’t stop their laughter as that food wasn’t meant to be for the plants, they even had a Pet Fish and that food was meant for that Fishy. Our job was to simply feed the fishy once in 3 days as it was alone and can survive on low food, so we were excited about a pet fish and out of excitement we asked her if we could keep that fish in our home till they come back, as it was a tiny fish and there wasn’t any case of a big aquarium for it. Its home was a tiny bowl (awwww poor thing) 😉

So as it arrived the next 30 mins I simply kept on observing it (that was all out of curiosity) as m a biiiiiiiig seafood hater and cant even bear the site of fish residing on my plate. Anyways it didn’t have any special activities other than going round and round and round within the bowl, after half an hour it started giving me headache :S. Well as I was the one asking our neighbours if we could keep it for that time being so that made me the sole owner of the Fish and that gave me the unique occasion of naming my guest Fish :P, so I thought and thought about certain pet names but all that I knew suited more on cats and dogs than on Fishes :S so than I started thinking about any fish movies that I had recently seen and only one name came into my mind “Nemo” (obviously it would have come as I had watched that movie 5 times I guess and still couldn’t stop loving it even more and more). So if I had named it Nemo than that made me “Marlin” ofcourse that gives me the degree of being its guardian :P.

All that I can hope now is to stay away of it as much as I can, because I really don’t want to be attached with that lil thing as eventually it has to leave and ill most probably will stay back with tiny tears in my eyes 😥 *sniff* *sniff*

Prince Nemo giving a special pose

Prince Nemo giving a special pose

Hiding from Marlin 😛


3 thoughts on “Finding Nemo

  1. Ahmed Mujtaba says:


    Finding Nemo, well, I liked those birds saying, “MINE!MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!…… “


    That was the best part 🙂

  2. Nikki says:

    lols yeah tht was hell fun n that karate chop of the crab 😛

    i hve even seen the hindi dubbed version of this movie 2 times 😉 n there they were like


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