Visual Personality Test

well recently had a funny + wierd visual personality test at facebook lols 😛 sounds wierd na well it was one of those annoying application requests for whom you constantly think about how to get rid of em, and as a result to do so you eventually accept them like me :S lols but this was fun, going through all the pictures, thinking which ones u would really select 😉

here is the result that i got after the test:


Nothing seems to bother you – you sail through life crisis free. It’s not that your life doesn’t have its ups and downs, it’s just that you handle everything without unnecessary drama and antics. You approach each day fresh, not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. You are confident that you can handle anything that comes your way and experience has shown that you are absolutely right about this


You are continually pursuing a simpler and less complicated life – you don’t allow yourself to fall victim to all of the “should do’s” that society continually bombards you with. You are thoughtful about your life choices and think in terms of yourself, others and the world in which we live. You have a great sense that we are part of something much bigger and we must be good to others, if we want others and the world to be good to us.


It’s a good thing that you are filled with energy and ambitions (that others sometimes find exhausting) because you’re continually looking for a new adventure and exciting experience. You struggle with a continual feeling of restlessness which constantly pushes you to the next level of excitement. Once you have accomplished one thing, you are eager to accomplish something more exciting, riskier and distinguishable.


For you passion is less about romance and sex – it’s more about friendship and family. Strong emotional bonds and connections are your passion and your pleasure. You always let your loved ones know how much you love, respect and admire them. You do this through kind words, loving actions and simple gestures. You count your blessings each day and express your love openly. You expect the same from others.

PS: the test dudes are some good observers 😉 i had a satisfactory result 😀

2 thoughts on “Visual Personality Test

  1. NaVeed says:

    i dnt belive in all these stuff…when its correct n according to our desires then its ryt but when it comes out to be vice versa then its fake…lol
    so i would like to keep it in the fake basket 😛

  2. Nikki says:

    lols dude, its not a horoscope its a personality test n they assess u according to the pictures u selected n if it doesnt come the way u wanted it to be then it means there was some fault in U while selecting the pictures 😛

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