aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Exams Exams, fire fire, water water 😛 lols kidding bt indeed its Exam Season for me, i mean kinda season actually its just a single internal, bt it was a HUGE shock for our entire class when this eve the cannon struk our head saying “This Saturday its going to be ur internal” and the whole class went “Cheen Cheen Cheen(the kind of silence in which u hear the cricket singing at the background 😉 ” lols whispers here and there bt noone strong enough to question Sir, xcept for me OFCOURSE!! Well the answer was a bit reasaonable that he wanted to clear the subject entirely including the exam before moving ON towards the new one, but it is an awful short notice, two huge gigantic,fearful,ruthless Java Programming books contaning 42 freaking chapters man this is like a nightmare for all of US :O

Wishing and praying yaaar this saturday then i would be free for EID yeaaaaaaaaaah and haan for the info our Eid here in Qatar has been declared for 19th of December and the Hajj would be inshallah on 18th December

Wish me Luck 🙂


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