Chewing Gum

This journal of mine is to basically prove myself wrong, where I gave a 5 mins lecture to a friend regarding the damages caused by Chewing gums without any research, so as just to check up my blind research I did some real research on this one and to my surprise I was WRONG. So I thought to share it with U guys what I actually found and yeah I want to clear this to my friend that “Excess of Everything is BAD…”
For me it was a misconception that chewing too much gum was bad for health and yeah indeed it is when it comes towards the case of sweetened gums, as it causes cavities and certain gum diseases, but yet Scientists are finding evidence that gum chewing may be good for our health. It may even help boost test scores. Meantime, I even read that these days companies are also experimenting with
adding vitamins, minerals, medicines, and other substances that could give gum the power to cure headaches and fight everything from serious diseases to bad breath.
Chewing gums have an ancient origin, dating back from the Ancient Greeks, Mayas, and Native Americans, in those days they for example; chewed on the sap, or resin, of certain types of trees. But today, gum is a little more complicated, Gum manufacturers start by mixing resin, wax, and a molecule called polyvinyl acetate to make a gum base. By varying the types and amounts of these ingredients, scientists can make thousands of formulations. An important ingredient that I myself have found in many chewing gum is xylitol, which provides an extra dose of cavity-fighting power. This is good for more than just the teeth. Research suggests that good oral health decreases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other serious diseases
Gum Facts:
  • Americans chew about 1.8 pounds of gum per person each year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • The “chewing gum ban” in Singapore was enacted in 1992 and revised in 2004. It bans the import and sale of chewing gum in Singapore. A proposal for the ban was brought up by the Minister for National Development. Chewing gum was causing serious maintenance problems in high-rise public housing flats, with vandals disposing of spent gum in mailboxes, inside keyholes and even on elevator buttons. Chewing gum left on floors, stairways and pavements in public areas increased the cost of cleaning and damaged cleaning equipment. Gum stuck on the seats of public buses was also considered a problem.
  • There are even gums available those act as if caffeine is directly poured into the bloodstream and these gums are used by some Militaries to be given to the officers who are on night shifts, and this increases there functionality upto 72 hours uninterrupted.
Chewer Beware:
For now, chew with caution. Too much chewing can damage the jaw joint. And chewing too much of a gum that contains vitamins, caffeine, or a medicine could lead to an overdose

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