“Nature is an inifinte square, of which the centre is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.

–Blaise Pascal

*! How much we really are contributing to destroy the one that has been gifted to us with so much love and care. We are worst then animals. !*


Reading between the Lines

Its such a difficult thing reading between the lines, btw what doeas this phrase really means between the line 😛 nuthing much to say just that m stuck yet again with an unwanted, uninvited and unjustified exam 😦 means without due notice. Naaaah i mean there was a notice but a very short one, atleast they shld have given us a week or so 😉 but its good too as the sooner we get rid of this book the more its better. Have been going through the pages since last night and by now my head is spinning with words tossing inside of it, even cant stop recalling the keywords during dinner and prayers weird i know. Well i really cant get this at this stage and specially in this practical subject where there should be more practical exams then theoretical, they are following the same college rules. I mean the codes they want us to know can also be checked practically. In my view that would be a better option if they examined us more practically.
But all this blabbering will be of no use as a Test will remain a Test even if we pay attention to it or not 😉
Best of Luck to myself 😛
See u guys after Saturday inshallah

Quote of the Day

The success of love is in the loving- it is not in the result of loving. Of course it is natural in love to want the best for the other person, but whether it turns out that way or not does not determine the value of what we have done”.

–Mother Teresa

The lil Devil

So i was hearing these grim cries somewhere below from my compound just after the light showers we had here in Qatar. Couldnt really identify from where i could follow the sound, it was the sad cries of a kitten seperated from her Mom :(, awwwwww that poor lil thing it was shivering with extreme cold and it was so small that it couldnt even manage to drink milk on its own. He gulped instead of licking 😦 dunt know why it got seperated and where it’s Mom has gone i really dun have any idea. But yeah it was certainly a devil, man it wasnt even able to sit at a place, just popping and tossing here and there out of control, jumping all over me 😉 it was hard to control that devil. I wasnt able to keep it at home either due to the neighbours ( yeah they r weird people) thats why had to leave it at a place where it could manage something on its own, with the help of some other cats as well. It was both a good and a sad experinece as well coz i had to drop it off away 😦 misshin tht cute lil devil 😦

Happy Belated Birthday

So it was my birthday yesterday;

Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to Me.
la la la 😛

so it was my BEST BIRTHDAY yesterday, and why BEST coz i got gifts and not just gifts the best gifts ever i had ;>, and i love all the people who have wished me and have kept me in their memories for so long :> and i wanna thank my loved ones for keeping in mind all my fav’s and wish-lists this year, as man i’m damn happy ;>

And i pray to Allah that though m happy over my birthday not keeping in mind that my life is getting shorter, i have to keep in mind why i have been sent in this world, i fulfill my duties as a human, try to keep myself as much on the safer side as i can, help those whom i really can and dont interfere in the stuff that doesn’t relate to me at all. Allah blesses us all and helps us find ways to keep on seeking the Creator by ways he has set for us on this land.
Wishing my self happy Belated Birthday again 😛