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Im a bit disappointed in what has happened with me n one my friend who is new to this blogging world, i mean i still coudlnt figure out why is this happening. The thing was i had a friend who was good at writting but somewhat she didnt xplore this thing so i sat down and thought to persuade her towards writting and she agreed, i even told about different blogging platforms where u can register and they broadcast what is there written in ur blog and Pakistani Bloggers was one of those blogging stations, as for us Pakistanis it is the only National Platform.

My friend just wrote a few pieces and i told her the steps to get registered along with site addresses and she did as i told her, and i even saw her blog being registered and the link being published on the Main page of the site, but to her and mine surprise the blog vanished in a couple of hours from not only the Main page but also the post was being removed from the Bloggers Forum? and the one who took that place was the Old Pakistani Spectator but with a new look ( guess they have bought their own domain or something). My friend asked me what was the problem and i was amazed too as in why something like dis has happened because by the time i had registered my blog i didnt experinece any such thing, i even read the rules and regulations of the Pakistani Bloggers and i couldnt find any such thing over there as well, coz she isnt a spammer nor does she has explicit content in her blog, and i kept thinking and still im that as in why is this happening. Then she requested me if i can try and post a new topic about her blog in Bloggers Forum as only her post was removed till now and not the registration. I logged in through her account and made a new topic in the Forum and again it appeared on the Main page, so it was good. But the next day the same thing had happened, no clue where the link had disappeared and replaced by the same old shiny Pakistani Spectator. This time it was annoying to see such a thing as it wasnt the 1st time but it was for the second time, as her registrations to other Blog Stations were being successful. I tried to login again through her account but this time the scene was changed completely it wasnt accepting my login specifications stating i had no registration and this time it crept on my nerves. I controlled and tried to register again, filled the form accpeted the terms and entered submit and got the response that ur verification code isnt write. WHAT THE ****, this was the thing i had in my mind when the form kept on rejecting my verification code 5 times consecutively and after that it showed something like u had overcome the provided number of registration trials.

My friend really got hurt by this as she is a newbee in this writting stuff and thought as if her stuff wasnt good enough to get registered. I just wanna ask that we here are trying so hard to gather good educated Pakistani people to come in the blogging world and meet and share their views, have some sort of platform where their work can be portrayed, and what better could Pakistani Bloggers had been but not only she but i too was disappointed because we both tried to register many times. Is it just to keep the TPS on the top are they paying the Pakistani Bloggers to keep them on top, NO i guess not as m not the person who keep blaming things but i really cant get a point what really is happening. I dunno why m stating this all here but may be because some of my friends would help me out in this. As we all know that we need more people in this business

12 thoughts on “Pakistani Bloggers

  1. Anonymous says:

    if u’re referring to samia’s blog (i saw it in your blogroll) then I think it doesnt have enuf posts to be on pak bloggers yet. here’s a quote from there “readme file”

    Please read the following to avoid having your posts removed:

    * Post a new topic with blog’s title as its subject (no URLs in subject) , and URL in body. Never use ALL CAPS. Use short blog title. Do not submit a blog which has little content (less than 15 posts)

    ur friends blog has only 2 posts! šŸ™‚

    just helping

  2. Nikki says:

    Thanks but why do u have to post it as an anonymous person??…well i too registered when i had only 3 posts :S so wat does that make a difference…anyways thanks for the help ill take care of that šŸ™‚

  3. Ahmed Mujtaba says:

    First of all, I would like to welcome and encourage all new bloggers. (eewwwww nobody even said me that when I was new :[ )

    Anyways, we don’t need Pakistani Bloggers to get started, never get upset over these little things.

    If you want to post your articles over Pakistan Blog Station try

    Or, I was thinking about if someone could separate “Casual” and “Political” writers, I think there should be some other website for Pakistani Casual Writers, or something like that.

    Will I be the first one to make this website? šŸ™‚

    Anyways, a warm welcome to all newbies.

  4. FaisalK says:

    I think it may have gotten removed due to it having less than the posts required. However when i started out i had like 2 posts when they accepted me… so i fail to understand what happened here.

    However i know the ppl at TPS and they are not paying anyone of to put them on top.. they are getting serious traffic.

  5. FaisalK says:

    oh and by the way. Since we are speaking of encouraging new writers?

    if anyone would like to try to write for a national newspaper here in Pakistan please contact me.

    we are trying to get more writers for the news supplement i contribute to. Everyone is invited!!!

  6. Nikki says:

    Thats why i too failed to understand why she got her blog removed if its for posts then i too had just 3 posts and if its the creation date of the blog then i joined pakistani bloggers whn my blog was just 3 days old šŸ˜ thts why i was confused..

    well wat can i say next, ruls here r always meant to change accordingly šŸ˜›

  7. Nikki says:

    Delete the POST and WHY shld i do that Mr.Paindo?? u ryt a post of ur experience and later on u delete it, what with this technique i had an experience i asked for some help,ppl helped me through comments then whats the idea of deleting it??

    lols that was a joke šŸ˜›

  8. Baithak.Net says:

    dear nikki,

    this is the the administrator of Baithak.Net i would like to invite you on Baithak.Net. its the site where all Pakistani either they are post once in blue moon or regular are invited to submit their post. all you need to do is jus sign up and all done.

    i hope you will accept the proposal and will join us, and don’t forget to invite your frds to join us.

    with regards,

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