This is the first ever attempt of an amateur Pakistani Director to direct a horror film. The topic to be chosen was not understandable by me, some sort of zombiatic or psychotic being running after people to Zibah(butcher) them. Im not disappointed by the attempt taken, but there are thousands of horror topics to be shown but showing a confused film really confuses the audience, m happy that the technical stuff used on the film is of High Quality as the picture result is great far better then the usual 35mm Pakistani films, the post production seems as if quite alot of hardwork has been done, some actors seem to do good but a few of them seem to have specially given a role of either screaming or laughing. And in my view according to the Pakistani market as eventually its going to cater us, it’s going to have not a horror impact but a psychotic effect on most of the people who roam around on roads. Psycho people will end up picking kids and girls from the blocks and try to butcher them to see how it feels to zibah a living being, the blood flow the happiness that has been shown by the movie will eventually end up in such cases. Same as the effect caused by Scream( a hollywood semi horror flick) ended up in severeal cases of Stabbing people to death majorly done by youth just because they wanted to feel how it looks to stab a person, as it was shown to be quite a relaxing attempt in the movie. Im not degrading the people who are taking good steps to revive the Pakistani Cinema, but the most important thing is that we have to first educate our people, we have to show them the stuff that open ups their entangled minds, that boosts up their positive spirits and then when we have achieved our goals to a certain limit we can show the public a variety of topics that can include any kind of horrifying content. Hoping that after the official public release, as now mostly its released in cineplexes around the country not on a large scale, i pray that really it doesnt end up creating more fuss then before.

Directed by: Omar Ali Khan


24 thoughts on “Zibahkhana

  1. naveed says:

    LOL I watch the video and was trying to find the angle from which it may depict or show it self to be a Pakistani culture movie look at those thin cheap girls they look as if some hindis LOL zero points from my side

  2. Anonymous says:

    The film is NOTHING like Hostel! it is basically a tribute to the slasher films of the 70s such as Friday the 13th, Texax Chainsaw, Halloween etc. And as for Pakistani culture…what is Pakistani culture exactly? is it the same for the rich and the poor? were not the kids shown in this film meant to be rich urban youth? is there a law that says the film has to show Pakistani Culture? please lets hear from anyone who knows their horror films EXACTLY which film this copies before showing your ignorance

  3. Anonymous says:

    “truth is the film seems like a copy of Hostle”

    Truth is your knowldege of Horror movies is worse than your spelling!

  4. Anonymous says:

    “truth is the film seems like a copy of Hostle”

    Truth is your knowldege of Horror movies is worse than your spelling!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What was there not to understand…a bunch of kids go off to a concert, get lost and are undone by a crazed family. Duh!

    everything is revealed when the girl checks out the old ladys picture book, but then some people need the plot to be spelled out for them like in typical desi movies it seems. I dont think you need a degree to understand Zibahkhana but thats just my point of view

  6. Anonymous says:

    Naveed…..so it wouldve been okay had they been overweight girls wearing village clothes?

    Please enlighten us meanwhile as to what PAKISTANI CULTURE is as you appear to understand this so well.

    how about a definition.

    I think you should stick to TV drama serials – no cheap thin girls there!

  7. Anonymous says:

    those of you who cannot digest anything that breaks from the typical………why not just go and watch Suha Joda again!

    Now this film is FULL of Pakistani Culture isnt it!?

  8. Nikki says:

    OO ryty we have got a big thing here haan bussling inside my blog. so would u mind Mr or Miss watever u r that if u really had so much to speak u should have the guts to show who u really were. Being Anonymous means a person without any ID so ur comments r dropped off by a person not having any ID.

    Thanks for ur sweet words.

  9. naveed says:

    lol ab mein kia nam don oss ko he is taking for the well sake of his movie cuz i know he is one of the director or may be producer or may be one of those THIN ass cheap girls..so let me tell you who ever you are to all of us (bloggers) you are indeed a spammer so please dnt spamm we are not intrested in your ripped off movie..yeah ripped off in the name of TRIbute its RIPPED>.. πŸ˜›

  10. Fadey says:

    kiaa bore kia πŸ˜›

    if i don’t know the spellings then kindly teach me coz i don’t feel shame to learn anything from anyone πŸ™‚

    well, u r angry like its ur film. hahaha… kahin tumharay abu nay to kaam nahi kia es main?

    and yeah, don’t make fuss on other’s blog everyone has right to say what they think. just comment on what’s written by the blogger, don’t comment on other’s comments. i feel its a cheap film n a copy, so i wrote. if u can stop me, then come. give ur mail address, i shall give u my home address

    n one last thing, i hate paki n indian movies n dramas coz they all r crap n nothing more than that. the real innovation is in hollywood movies. our people n indians just cheat them

  11. S Malik says:

    Most Pakistani’s reckon 300 was the best film made last year!

    nothing more to add really.

    those of you who have watched this film could you please let us know exactly WHICH Movie it is a copy of?

    I didnt know that there was any Hollywood film featuring a killer in a Burqa? Maybe Hostle?

    are all Pakistanis incapable of anything but ripping off?

    are we all just a bunch of cheats?

    Love and Kisses to all

  12. s malik says:

    burqa lol
    sorry every i just saw the trailer n i found it extremly sucking movie its wrost then hell sorry i take my words back

  13. Sib Malik says:

    The Truth is that only true genius’s are able to make comments on a film they havent seen more than three minutes of.

    lets talk about the best pakistani films over the last five years.

    any ideas?

  14. Qutubudin says:

    mega bullshit…also i too am not be understandable of me. I much like Pushto and Punjabi fat girl movie not cheap thin BS. true pakistani culchur is of Anjuman and Sultan Rahi. all copy of Titanic no?

  15. Ayesha Rizwan says:

    I thought Hostel was about some american students travelling in East Europe who get stuck in a building where people pay to kill other people.

    Is Zibahkhana the same story?

  16. Nikki says:

    Zibahkhana is a story bout some college students thriving to reach a rock concert in time, on their way they have to pass through the cursed DOSAKH PUR(HELL CITY), where a psyco dressed in black butchers some people and yeah then there is some zombiatic twist in the tale as well…All die at the end or may be one survives as usual. This is the tale from the trailer.

  17. qurutulain Bakht says:

    SO, even you have not watched the movie!

    strange how many people are ready to offer their comments about something they havent even seen!


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