Ummah Films

This is NOT Hijab

*People think that if ur wearing Hijab they think that ur opressed.
*Some think that if ur hands and feet are showing ur opressed.
*Comapare a Nun with a Hijabi and see that they cover practically the same body parts, yet society labels the Nun as the one whi is practising her religion and the one who is pious and a Hijabi as the One who is Opressed.

These were really the basic points that made my mind clear and may be millions of it’s viewers too, these films are not basically to brighten up Muslim image in the outter world rather its for US Muslims to see what is there within us, we are born Muslims and still cant figure out where r we wrong, what are the basic thngs that we r ignoring and running after some other issues. Like in this video the different Improper ways of Hijab have been shown and described that wearing a black cloak DOES NOT means that only this is Hijab. Then the fact that the ones who think that they are superior to someone if they r in Hijab is NOT correct they will be equally punished for backbiting, they will have the same treatment for their sins. Just if they are covered certainly doesnt mean that they have got a straight ticket to Heaven. It takes deeds to win a ticket and to top it all the most important thing of all is NEEYAT means ur intentions as in why have u started something. Incase of Hijab has it been forced upon u by ur Parents, brother or husbands does it involve ur will in it or not? N for every deed u must have a good intention attached with it. A good source on youtube with plenty of infomation attached with it along with entertainment, do visit youtube and search for rest of the videos.

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