Long Routes, Deep Thoughts

Was just out for some shopping yesterday, mom is in Pakistan these days, and i just lurv to be in the front seat 😉 as u have an exciting ride through the Hi’s n Low’s of the route. Just viewing all that is ahead, the lights, the traffic, the hustle n bustle going around on the roads, all the world that is outside. I just love reading people’s faces, observing reactions and behaviours( the 7 ways i found of how poeple really steer a motorbike 😛 ) its fun how we get a chance to see so much so that is out there, both of the living and the non-living. And one of my dreams includes a long n i mean a loooooooong drive along the countryside. WHY only the countryside coz now i have just got tired of viewing the same highways and the traffic flooded roads, so for a change i need a trip to the countryside, narrow roads, dangerous turns, all the life that is besides the road-sides. I believe that the view would be just fantastic, the cool breeze, the light fog, the clear chirps, the wet grass, the smoke from a near-by tea stall. Would love to have an off and an oppportunity to spend it on such a place, away from all the routines of life, the same old crap of life, the same old bossy people hammering ur head 24/7.

But im just thinking that arent we have become quite a more materialistic people, i mean can we afford living without a car, or a mobile fone or a TV without any satellite connection, no PC no internet, no proper hot water supply,rather sometimes no supply either? Is it possible for us City-Beings to survive in the countryside without all such stuff? Sounds different haan, as for the people out there these things r nothing more then martion gadgets, yeah they too are geting more acquainted but the ratio is far below then average.
Ok so these were just some random thoughts popping up in my mind like popcorns 😛 but yeah its fun, its fun to be on a long drive enjoying the beauty once in a while, away from the urbanized living.

Picture Courtesy: ME 🙂
Location: One of a Qatari Highway 😉

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