Happy Belated Birthday

So it was my birthday yesterday;

Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to Me.
la la la 😛

so it was my BEST BIRTHDAY yesterday, and why BEST coz i got gifts and not just gifts the best gifts ever i had ;>, and i love all the people who have wished me and have kept me in their memories for so long :> and i wanna thank my loved ones for keeping in mind all my fav’s and wish-lists this year, as man i’m damn happy ;>

And i pray to Allah that though m happy over my birthday not keeping in mind that my life is getting shorter, i have to keep in mind why i have been sent in this world, i fulfill my duties as a human, try to keep myself as much on the safer side as i can, help those whom i really can and dont interfere in the stuff that doesn’t relate to me at all. Allah blesses us all and helps us find ways to keep on seeking the Creator by ways he has set for us on this land.
Wishing my self happy Belated Birthday again 😛



7 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday

  1. M Junaid Khan says:

    As per reply to your mail, i understand your concerns and i think even that makes you fit for the new blog site. The people who express their random thoughts are more genuine in their expression compared to professional bloggers. So i would still like you to join us. Rest final decision is yours. In case you agree, i will forward you further details of our small effort.
    M Junaid Khan

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