“Nature is an inifinte square, of which the centre is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.

–Blaise Pascal

*! How much we really are contributing to destroy the one that has been gifted to us with so much love and care. We are worst then animals. !*


8 thoughts on “Nature

  1. M Junaid Khan says:

    The wikipedia has shown the picture of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) in their article on Muhammad. It is highly deplorable act and i request you all to order the wikipedia to remove this picture which is fueling religious hatred. Who ever has placed this picture is a true terrorist as he is trying to incite more then 1 billion Muslims of the world

    Please visit the site to sign the petition. Also try to write to the Wikipedia authorities so that they can remove it immediately.
    M Junaid Khan
    The Land of Pure

  2. hani says:

    i wasn’t trying to irritate, I was just trying to just say that I had been into the blogging scene for quite some time.

    Your second last comment made me think maybe you got irritated

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