Hand Buddies

Was browsing some old mobile pics of mine and luckily i struck upon an old creation of mine. My good old i mean not that old just an year old Hand Buddies ;), having all the emotions at a time is a fun thing to see and to create. Though they arent tht finesse, but i find em cute 😀 as they are my cute lil gonu wonu buddies 😛 lols OK that was waaay too musshy for me i guess. 😉

And i just noticed now after placing the pic that the first 2 buddies starting from the thumb more or less are showing the same emotion 😛 lols means that emotion was filled within me in ample amount when i was creating this Master Piece.



7 thoughts on “Hand Buddies

  1. Stinger says:

    Those look interesting. Have you noticed that if you look at your nails, they also have personalities of their own! I mean, the nail of my index finger gives a nice look. But the thumb gives an evil look because its slightly uneven from one side. 😀

    I once told a gal that her smile looked like my index finger’s nail, and she got offended! :s

  2. asma says:

    Aww the fifth one – teh furious ones the cutest 🙂

    I remember in childhood we used to make some expressions on fingers and some on knuckles … and used to play with them … funny days 🙂

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