Well well this post is regarding to a post where i had been tagged i didnt even know about it lols 😛 So i got tagged by Ammar Yasir.

So this tagging game goes like dis:
1) Get a grab of a book near you( but it should be atleast 123 pages)
2) Get to the 123rd page.
3) Grab the 5th line.
4) Add the next 3 lines to your post.
5) Then tag any 5 bloggers.

The Book i had chosen is Wasif Ali Wasif’s “Qatra Qatra Qalzoum”

“Sawaal Yeh Hai Kay….
Kia Khalik apnay mannay waloun aur na mannay waloun mai takhleek kay hawalay say koe imtiazi salook karta hai? Kia har insaan ko yaksaan salaahiyat kay saath paida kia jata hai ya alag alag salahiyat kay saath? Kia badsourat aur khoobsorat insaan hoty hain? Kia badsoorat kissi ghalti ke saza kay tour pr badsoorat paida hota hai aur khoobsoorat kissi naiki kay dum say khoobsorat hota hai? Kia paidaish say pehlay bhe koe naiki badi hoti hai? “
Didnt really get the time to complete this book, but m stunned at myself that why the hell have i kept myself away from it.

The Bloggers i have tagged are:
1) Naveed.
2) Ahmed Mujtaba.
3) M Junaid Khan.
4) Noble.
5) Beenish Khan.
Hope to see your posts soon 🙂

8 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. NaVeed says:

    what a nice words..he was great n he is great…
    i dnt know how many people still know this Great mAn…all of his works and books are great
    i think his writings should be included in our academic course
    n ooh tagging is something new to me. 😛

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