Gaming for Money

The story is related to Indian Premiere League, where the Sportsmen are sold like Call girls. New spirit for gaming isnt it. That future isnt far where boys will be planning to pursue the cricketing career as by then it would be easy to earn $600,000 a year then to work on regualr basis, because even if ur working 9 hrs a day still u cant even manage to get just 2 lakh rs in your account by the end of the year. Nobody will bother to play with heart or to get into cricket to fulfill their chilhood dream. Imagine what would be the future of sportsmenship, true victory, having faith in ur talent. No use of such terms then. Neither PCB can do anything about this, nor the cricketers’ themselves, coz its the age of Money, ur nothing with an empty pocket and your everything with overloaded bank accounts. Im really saddened after witnessing all this. Though im not into Sports but i do beilieve in Playing with the true spirit and heart.

Here is just a list of the TOP 17 SOLD Players So far:

1. Mahendra Dhoni (India) $1.5m to Chennai
2. Andrew Symonds (Australia) $1.35m to Hyderabad
3. Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka) $975,000 to Mumbai
4. Ishant Sharma (India) $950,000 to Kolkata
5. Irfan Pathan (India) $925,000 to Mohali
6. Brett Lee (Australia) $900,000 to Mohali
6. Jacques Kallis (South Africa) $900,000 to Bangalore
8. RP Singh (India) $875,000 to Hyderabad
9. Harbhajan Singh (India) $850,000 to Mumbai
10. Chris Gayle (West Indies) $800,000 to Kolkata
10. Robin Uthappa (India) $800,000 to Mumbai
12. Rohit Sharma (India) $750,000 to Hyderabad
13. Gautam Gambhir (India) $725,000 to Delhi
14. Brendon McCullum (New Zealand) $700,000 to Kolkata
14. Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) $700,000 to Mohali
14. Adam Gilchrist (Australia) $700,000 to Hyderabad
17. Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) $675,000 to Hyderabad
17. Jacob Oram (New Zealand) $675,000 to Chennai
17. Albie Morkel (South Africa) $675,000 to Chennai
17. Mohammad Kaif (India) $675,000 to Jaipur
17. Manoj Tiwary (India) $675,000 to Delhi

Not to mention the Great Rawalpindi Express FAILED to get even into the Top 17 coz he was auctioned for just $425,000 and he was bought by none other then the King Khan, owning the whole Kolkata Team which includes another Pakistani fast Bowler Omer Gul just for $150,000 . Bollywood Stars’ new Side Business i must say.


4 thoughts on “Gaming for Money

  1. Razz says:

    Well, there’s nothing about auctioning players off like this just that it has never been done in Cricket before. Players in Soccer, American Football, Baseball etc. are regularly bought/sold at such astronomical sums.

    As for making more money, there’s only a handful of “stars” who’ll be bought for such lofty sums, there’s nothing in it for the common cricketer.

    The only concern can be on the part of these players’ loyalty now. If they start earning more in IPL, they may not be no eager to represent their country any more. This is sort of a serious problem in Soccer especially, a row they’ve infamously labeled as ‘Club vs. Country’.

  2. Nikki says:

    I was not really interested in Soccer so i didnt come across such news before. And more over we as a Country too arent attached to Soccer. But seeing all this in Cricket where our cricketeres are being bought and sold too…felt bad. And yes indeed the Spirit of Game is dead not from now but from the past many years when the players were encouraged in appearing in Add’s and other Brand Adorsments.
    Game isnt Game anymore.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am not a professional cricketer. But say, I can play better cricket than Afridi. If IPL thinks I can play for them and generate revenue by playing, then what has anyone got to lose?

    What do the guys do who cannot earn enough, apart from the national team, sitting outside doing nothing?

    IPL is creating jobs, please understand that. Stop this ‘country vs club’ bullshit. Its time people thought more for themselves and less for the ‘future of the nation’ that hasn’t really offered anything back, in return.

    After all, it’s the scouting system of the leagues and clubs that finds and makes a player. He will naturally have more loyalty to the club he plays for, than a country that didn’t know he existed!

    The very reason people are turning to IPL is that they have chased a dream when nobody believed in them, and now they are going to live it, too!

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