Things you do before U turn 18 [ TAGGED]

OKies yet another tagging posts haan, so these sequences like chain letters have started their forces here on blogsphere as well. Tag this such people in this amount of time or bear the cirucumstances like, u’ll get bald the next day you wake up( imagine a girl freaking out as even the thought of finding herslef in this state will give her a stroke) so obviously a stroke is not at all better then fwding the crappy letter to a 100 contancts in the list πŸ˜‰ and so on my mates u know the chain goes on and on and on πŸ˜›

This TAG post is about what would be a 6 line list of what possibly u should do before you are legally free to do whatever u want πŸ˜› Lols did u really grab the “Controversy” in my statement. I have crossed the illegal boundary and have hopped into my legal territory from sometime now. Hmmmmmm lemme think what would i have done before i had turned 18, hmmmmm ok, well…… gosh it seems as if it has been ages i was last a teenager.. Naaaaaaaaaah! does it mean i have turned from a girl to an aunty :S **SMS** [my definition for SAVE MY SHIP :P]

Okie Okie…
Flash Back!
coming back to earth!
Thanks God m Back πŸ˜‰

So what about if i make a lame song out of this post, hmmmmm lets say something like
“Hum bhe agar teenager hoty,
hum bhe agar teenager hoty,
naam hamara hota ( ok what possibly teenagers like themselves to be called, some cheap dramatic name haan :P)
watever back to the
naam hamara hota etc etc
and then khatay hum mil kr ice cream n tht too chocolate chip [ n yeah a piece of advise never ever bring a laddoo even a feet near me, or ill stack ur mouth with as many laddos as anyone can even dream of]

Ok so enough of that cheesy crap and back to construct these hopefully 6 line easy Post:

  1. Bunk as many college classes as u can, bt yeah dont forget to get ur self into the class when its really needed. Dosing off once in a while in a continuous 2 hr lecture is accpetable. Note that i have mentioned College and not School!
  2. Never ever try to impress a girl with ur stupid new N-series cell phone πŸ˜› or ur dad’s or friend’s new car, coz that wont buy u anything. Dude its Generation ‘Y’ u have to think of something new and innovative πŸ˜‰
  3. In School try to make ur notebooks as cleaner, fairer and neater and filled with as much stars, excellents and goods as u can, coz thats what eventually gonna count. A good notebook owner always gets a Teacher’s attention, as it gives her hassless checking, saving her time and thus getting her unconditional love πŸ˜‰ resulting in sparkling Report Cards πŸ˜€
  4. Try NOT to cheat during ur board exams, coz that can lead to many unavoidable circumstances, n yeah try to get the rule that the better u URSELF know, thet Better u can do it URSELF. Never rely on neighbouring agencies.
  5. Attend as many birthday bashes, friends hangouts, picnics, get togethers as u can coz after High School Graduation baby ull be really singing “dost dost na raha …..din din din….so on”.
  6. And yeaaaah last one Try never ever try to hurt ur parents. I know how much u try ull end up really hurting bad somewhere. So please think a zillion trillion times before u do and speak, that would b really better if u do it bluntly and end up finding yourself in the guilty hole.
Phewwwwwwww! man was it really that tough for me to actually write these 6 lines. M amazed really was being 18 a real tough thing or is it remembring the toughest part. Not sure! So m done with my post hope i have tried my best to entertain u guys as much as i can along with the 6-bit information πŸ˜›
Now I TAG:
  1. Naveed

And sorry bt i cant think of any other 2 bloggers :s so i would rather like the chainish curse then trying to find the remaining 2 bloggers πŸ˜›
Keep Smiling,


4 thoughts on “Things you do before U turn 18 [ TAGGED]

  1. aMmAr says:

    I was trying to post comment on this but the applet had some problemo.

    Anywaz interst 6 πŸ˜‰ I liked the falsh back part better πŸ™‚

  2. Nikki says:

    Lols ur guess is almost right Ahmed i do used to do great at english n urdu coz of the text amount n lols most of em was the sam talk going round n round πŸ˜›

    @ Lubna then yes dear i do love happiness, and i love to make others happy too πŸ˜‰

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