The Silent Voice

Ever wondered there is always a Silent Voice somewhere near you, somewhere when ur all alone, somwhere when u need a little conversation with urself, somewhere in the library when ur busy reading something. What is that thing, where exactly is that voice coming from, ur tongue definitely isnt moving so it isnt from ur mouth, then where is it, is it then the ear that can hear something special, is it the brain that generates this or is it urself inside of ur body, a U seperate from ur Outer Self. Does it really mean that our Soul or our Consciouns has a voice and can really talk to us when we arent really speaking?

M confused what is it that speaks to me when m alone, when m making a plan, or m trying to read somethng without even saying it, who is it that is speaking as its certainly not me, whose voice is it? Its coming from with-in, but from where?
Im regarding it as a Silent Voice as its smethng heard only by the indivdual and for rest its nothing, not even a clue that the other can really hear something other than his own natural voice. So Is it the reason for which the question ” Are you talking to urself ” generated? Does that even make any sense, whatever m i saying does it really make sense, m not sure if m really saying what m trying to say or what i want to instead.

Need Comments on this one, really wanna know what u out there know and feel!!

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