Weird Fatwah

Im just stunned after i read this news fwded by one of my friends and i was like What!! have they really lost it. Have they taken Religion as a joke that they can get up anytime interpretate any Hadees in any other way they want that basically suits them and come up with a weird fatwah.

The Molwi Sahab in news has allowed Alcohol for Muslims though in a small quantity to be legal in Islam. He himself has said that though many Muslims still beleive to take Alchohol in any quantity to be Haram. SO what did he meant to say was all who did so were idiots till now, and he comes in the scene interpretates it by his own liking and woallah here we have a new rule. If it would have been in this way then there were many other Muallims who were more qualified and more equipped i may use then him who may have made this rule if incase they found it true.

Alot of people are offended by this act, as already Alcohol has been made easily available in any country on the map including Muslim countries, but now coz of this act those who stayed away from it coz of the religious bounds will get involved in it with the fact that I can have some Alcohol untill and unless m conscious of my surroundings.

What on Earth has happened to this era’s Mullahs, we are the ones who keep looking at them for advise not for destruction, sorry to say but i feel like calling them the Disco Mullahs, who see Islam in a sort of distracted way, and ones are the Osama Mullahs who find Suicide bombing the key to Jannah, i dont even regard them as Muslims cos killing an innocent soul who has done no harm to u is Haram and most of all Jahalat ( sadly most of em are found in our own Country ).

Im really dissapointed by this Mullah he has no right to play with the religion. For a detailed news click on the post Title.

6 thoughts on “Weird Fatwah

  1. NaVeed says:

    its only allowed if you are suffering from some disease and by taking alcohol you get well, then its allowed rest there is no place for it in Islam and if we see, it does make sense why would a religion like Islam which means peace will allow such thing which only let you in total unconsciousness

  2. Razz says:

    Whats he talking about?! Isnt it CLEARLY written in the QURAN that we are not allowed to go near such filth?! Maybe had taken that little bit of Alcohol when he was giving this fitwa. I am sorry, but his ruling is just as outrageous, no?

  3. Moti Bhains says:

    at the end of the day, it comes back to what is right and what is wrong. in this day and age, it’s only the Quran that is to be followed. ahadith have pretty much been manipulated by people to suit their own needs.

    i will give you a simpler example. a lot of people don’t eat non-zabiha meat, right? 30 years ago, the molvis in the US gave a fatwah that non-zabiha chicken can be eaten because at that point, zabiha chicken was scarcely available.

    no body took the fatwah back and now everyone acts upon it. in my case, i live in a white state with hardly any halal places so it makes sense that i eat non-zabiha. however, places like houston and chicago are full of desis and halalfood places yet people are sticking to the fatwah.

    it’s about time now that we start acting upon what we think. we’re all smart enough to know what’s right and what’s wrong. a thing like alcohol has been clearly despised so yeah, the dude was probably on crack when he issued the fatwah.

  4. Sohaib Athar says:

    … but crack is not allowed in Islam – or is it?
    I’ve heard lassi has naturally produced alcohol in it too – and Shandy Bass, the blue canned drink, is openly sold in Lahore – in bakeries etc. – it has 0.05% alcohol (written on the can), how come our molvis don’t get that banned in Pakistan?

  5. Nikki says:

    @Razz thats what all is going on about, they really think that the Molwi is a nut case.

    @MB then dear i dun knw whats the real thing for these fatwah and all as i have posted the same post at some other place and one of the comments i got there was“Forget alcohol, even a priest is haram in Islam so any ‘fatwa’ given by an Islamic priest is haram to begin with. The moral? Read the Quran for yourself and follow its injunctions and don’t let others decide what Islam is or isn’t. The Quran asks us to refrain from alcohol that should be enough instead of going into details as to how much is haram, when is it halal, etc. Islam at no point ‘forces’ a muslim to do anything, we act out of our own free will and like the Quran states, we have been given the criterion to judge between right and wrong. So if you put a bottle to your lips and your conscience does not bother you, chug away! Soon you will be chugging on hamim

    He has lossened my screws as if really priests were Haram in Islam and it was only for us to read and understand the Quran then who were those people tht when a common man used to get stuck bad spiritually they used to go to them for guidance and light. Why were there big Sufi’s n Ulama… That comment has shock my head. I cant say what would it be, to be following the Fatwah at one place and not at the other though we will be Muslims if we did or did not.

    @Sohaib never heard of lassi having alcohol, and how possibly a milk product with sugar and ice added to it have alcohol we are not allowing it to ferment then how come? And about the allowance of Shandy Bass then who possibly cares for anything in the country, the only bloody thing that everyone really cares for is the Chair(Kursi)!

    PS: sorry for the long reply :S

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