Caring and Sharing

I just wanted to share these two songs (or dont know what i shld call them) with u, which have always helped me alot whenever i have found myself strangled in some strange chains of distress, anger, hate, jealousy or simple madness. Like me everyone else does feel such things either today or a week later. Can’t say why do we get stuck in such things day after the other. I find ourselves young and rich with different thoughts but why do we get into all this? I dont assume the yester generation had the same feelings when they were of our age, or is it just US who find themelves being stuck in so many identities, who dont really know what to follow,what to assume and whom to rely upon.

I have used the help of these two and of many others ofcourse but they have a special aura about itself, that has really made me feel different at times. I care for my friends here a blogsphere thats why had a thought to share it with u

Call to Prayer with Orchestra
L’ Ange Aveugle

They would be different but they are worth it 🙂
PS: These are heavy files, and sorry cldnt upload em on a streaming player i dunno why bt i didnt have the right feeling for that.


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