Curiosity Killed the Cat

But can anyone tell me, What is the Cat actually or usually curious about?

6 thoughts on “CAT!

  1. Nikki says:

    @ammar lols who knows ur a Kitty Cat from inside 😛

    @MB koe baat nahe well by now u might have known where she is 😛

    @Ned jee nahe tum Moutey hogay billi moti nahe hai :@

    @Asma then tht was the question what was the cat actually curious about, the chick, the food the cocki or smethng else 😛 and i wish i had this sweet lil baby with me bt some what whnever i have kept one my stupid neighbours managed to through it away when i wasnt thr 😦 awaiiiinnn *sniff* *sniff*

  2. Razz says:

    Speaking of killing cats, I almost killed one myself today! Stupid thing was running alongside my car and tried to do a James-bond style under-the-car maneuver, but yours truly was on hand to anticipate something unpredictable and a quick dash to the left saved it. Waisay, for the record, I’ve killed 2 cats before!

    Sorry, just trying to make relevant conversation .. LOL! 😛

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