Whats the difference between a Longing and a Desire?

Hasrat aur Khuwahish mai farq kia hai?

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14 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Stinger says:


    Desire is when I say, “I want to see the new episode of Prison Break”

    Longing is when I say, “I want a woman to be in my life”


    I believe you expected the definition to be more academic, but see, this is how I can differentiate easily. 😛 😀

  2. Nikki says:

    lols comeon MB u can give a wildest guess can’t u 😉

    @stinger then dude this post is open for all kinda answers, academic, philosophical, racist, or simple teasers 😛 so ur free to answer anything 😉

  3. aashely says:

    Desire something forever and one strive to hold it desperately while longing carries small time period beonging…

  4. Nikki says:

    @Aashley isnt tht the opposite??

    @Razz, yeah i think the same. Khuwahish jab istetaat say brh jaye aur na hasil ho paye tu Hasrat ban jati hai

  5. An ILLuS|On says:

    Hasrat mein kuch na umeedi bhi hoti hai aur aik ajeeb si khuwaish bhi..its something like which you want but in it there’s no specific time limit is given or it could be anything non-materialistic!

    Khuwahish is more like physical & in it there's a specific thing/object is mentioned with a specific time period is mentioned as well!

    I don’t know where the heck i am going all with this translation..i hope you do get my point or atleast half of what i’ve said:$

  6. NaVeed says:

    khawish jab puri nahe hotee to hasrat ban jatee hay

    woh shair hai na

    “hazaroo khwashay asee kay har khwaish pay dam niklay
    baray niklay maray arma magar phir bhee kam niklay”

    insaan khwahish kartha lakin jab oss ki woh khwahish puri karney keh wasyal nai hotey tu woh oss ko hasraat bana kar dil mein rakh ley tha hai aur phr kissi din mehfil mein ketha hai keh

    “khawashsy to humari bhee bhott thee magar hasrat hee raheee humary dil may”

  7. Nikki says:

    @Illusion i reallt got ur Point 🙂

    @Owais then whats the difference between Possessing something and having somethng O_o

    @Naveed great deal with the shair, really made the impact 😉

  8. Owais says:

    ok let me rephrase that and see if it makes sense.
    Desire is when you to own something
    Longing is when you want to have something or someone in your life and not necessarily own it/them

  9. infoguide says:

    I dont know the difference, But I do know that Desire can lead us to lust(any kind of), whereas Longing doesnt.
    Desire, if increased transforms into obsession, which isnt good for anyone.

    Brilliant question though Nikki … 😉


  10. Asma says:

    Hmm its hard for me to relate between hasrata and longing … they are different no?? Longing is something which you had once and not anymore. U long for it. Hasrat is something u never had and u want it …!

    As for the difference between longing and desire … for me desire is to marry Richard gere which secretly wish but I wont take a step to do that. A desire shall remain a desire. For longing I’ll take some steps 😉

    Ok U can laff now 😛

  11. Nikki says:

    @Owais yeah now that made sense to me 😉

    @Maryam, yeah its true that Desire does sometimedrag u towards the indispensable.

    @Asma then lemme laugh first
    hahahahahahahaahahhaha 😛
    Ok next then Hasrat and Longing are the same i suppose it isnt necessary that u have Hasrat for something that u once owned, it is of something that u strongly wish to have but its out of reach or ur too afraid to come near to it.

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