You alone exist, I do not, O Beloved!

The day this Song was released i found myself being in love with it. Not coz of the music bt I love Baba Bulley Shahs Kalam. Though its hard to understand but knowing punjabi I got a few parts of it. I got my hand over the Right lyrics and they r like this:

Bulley no smjhawan aayan behna te bharjaiaan,
Munlay bullehya sada kehna chad de palla raiyaan
Aaale nabi(saw) Aulade Ali(rha) noo too kyoun leeka laayaan
Jehra sano Syed saday doozakh milan sazayaan

Raaeen Saaeen subhni Thaeee Rab diyan be parwa yan
Sohiyaan pare hataian te kojiah lay Gul layaan
Jay tu Loray Baagh baharan Chakar ho ja raai yan
Bulley shah di zaat ke puchni ? Shaakar ho Raziaaan

(To admonish Bullah came his sisters and sisters-in-law,
Why have you brought disgrace to the Prophet and to the progeny of Ali?
Listen to our advice, 0 Bullah, and leave the hem of the Arain’s skirt.
Let anyone, who calls me a Sayyiad, be punished with tortures of hell,
And let him revel in the pleasures of heaven, who labels me an Arain.
If you seek the pleasures of the spring season, become a slave of the Arain. )

I also got the somewhat valid Translation of it on that site where the writer said that

For a distinguished scholar, who belonged to the line of Prophet Mohammed(SAW), to accept an ordinary vegetable grower as his Master was a very extraordinary event in the social conditions of Bulleh Shah’s times. It was like an explosion which shook the prevailing social structure. Bullah had to suffer the taunts and ridicule not only of men of his religion, clan and caste, but also of all members of his family. Bullah preached fearlessly that the guidance of a Master was indispensable for spiritual realization, and the caste of the Master did not at all matter in this pursuit. Even if he belonged to the lowest caste, his help would still remain indispensable. Thus, he proclaimed at the top of his voice that pride in being a Sayyiad would land one in hell, and the one who held the skirt of a Master like Inayat Shah would enjoy the pleasures of heaven.

My reason for posting this wasnt only to share this great stuff with my friends here but a sadness attached to it as well. M happy that Shoaib Mansoor took the initiative of releasing the film worldwide but he should have tken care of all the things related to it as well. The following thing hit me hard the moment i saw and heard it:

Is this the right way? I mean ok the song has been remixed fine with it, bt the dancing ladies over such pure kalaam, my mind certainly didnt accept that. Revealing that later this kalaam would be playing at the clubs and night bars (as it’s shown in the video as well) and drunkards would be busy flapping their feet over it having no idea what they r listening to, my mind couldnt accept that either. Im sad and disgraced Shoaib Mansoor could have kept a look over it didnt he know what his film and the nature of the song was all about. It wasn’t a love story neither a comedy drama, it was something different and film that was portraying an altogether different point of view. I know I cant just blame on anyone but there would be someone who could be asked for this.

Im Sad!.


6 thoughts on “You alone exist, I do not, O Beloved!

  1. NaVeed says:

    dear its really sad to see this although I havnt seen the video attached but I got your point and I am much sad too and i think that cast and race has nothing to do with anything its the Ilim ( knowldge ) and its application that matters, which makes one low cast or high cast and this video proves the cast/knowledge and vision of the producer/director his only goal is to make money

  2. aashely says:

    Its really sad to listen misuse of such sacred lyrics.Though all over the world most of the music lovers get impressed by sufi music but not a way, has been depicted in this video.It speaks mind of that producer who directed it just for th sake of money.

  3. lubz says:

    Nikki deary..not many ppl get the grasp of song let along understand the soul of lyrics…to them its another catchy tune to do boogy woogy and thats what they did in video :)..consider yourself lucky coz you have enough sense to see its wrong…

  4. muhammed says:

    You have raised a very important question that puts me in doubt of the objectivity of the film.

    Shoaib Mansoor ditched the mullahs in his movie, are mullahs really to be blamed, is shoaib mansoor at wrong there as well.

    Did mr. mansoor seriously want to deliver a message or he was just cashing in, as he has done with this song.

  5. Awais says:

    Life of Bulleh Shah has been a great inspiration for me, perhaps because i have personally felt this Syed-Araain tussle in my life too… and it is sad to see the way this great poetry is being reduced to a disco song!

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