Different Tagging :P

Its feeling for days as if my brain was functioning somewhere near my ankle, the ankle is malfunctional and now my brain has stopped responding :S m feeling like a dumbo with a clown hat at the back bench unable to answer any question properly, feeling like my thought process has been affected, proved i guess that some people do have their brains at their ankles. Its been ages i havent blogged about anything 😦 and im feeling sad about that :s m i ??:P none the less here is some stuff i could think of till now, its sort of like a tag stuff but nobody is taking anyones names, who so ever visits the blog is free to either blog about it or forget it 😛 bt if he/she does blog about it then do leave a comment as i would love to visit 😉 the stuff goes something like:
Your three wildest wishes(at someone else’s expense)what would that be?
for me it would be like
a)Bunjee Jumping
c)Scuba Diving
The next one would be;
The three things(gadgets) u would love to have if ur left at a desserted island?
a)ipod(any ver.)
b)a laptop(with connectivity ofcourse)
c)and a microwave to cook things up 😉
Start bloggin 😉

5 thoughts on “Different Tagging :P

  1. An ILLuS|On says:

    My three wishes would be:
    1)To drive F1 at full throttle.
    2)To travel all around the world.
    3)To buy world’s best DSLR camera.

    The three gadgets that i’d love to have whilst being left all alone on a deserted island would be:
    1)A fully loaded laptop.
    2)An E-series Nokia phone.
    3)A TV maybe or an iPod..don’t know..i am confused:S

  2. Imad says:

    No wild wishes in my case; I usually get whatever I wish for 😉 hehe

    But yeah, as far as the three gadgets r concerned, nothing beats “your” list of gadgets; would definitely go for the same!

    By the way, I just saw your comment on my blog (dated, April 08), which was (God knows for what reasons) marked as “spam” in my wordpress account :S, so I just “de-spammed” it heh

    Hope to catch ya on blog again sometime 🙂 tc

  3. Nikki says:

    @naveed: google it boy as ull b along with me doing all those stuff 😛

    @illusion:wooooah man u have some great wishes and yeah ipod and tv has really confused the world 😛

    @Imad: its okie dude mostly wordpress users have my comments in their junk and i cant get that why :S but anyways finally u found that 😉 and see i have a common man’s heart and my wishes r the same 😉

  4. asma says:

    Oh wow … I so <3 your wild wishes ;-)

    If you find a sponsor … include me in for bunjee jumping 🙂

    And why not ask for a robot with every possible gadget inside him 😉
    How’s ye ankle now?? Started working?

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