Flying Away!!

Hey guys firstly m realy kinda ashamed of not being able to answer u all, n neither being able to stay in touch and visit and appreciate ur blog and the reason is u know well. The situation was i kinda ruined my fracture and the thing got a bit worse coz of my fault ofcourse :S and i got even more sicker!! But alhumduliAllah im weeeee tiny bit better now, better enough to access internet 😉 but again a sad news for my friends ( a good one for me though 😉 ) is that ill b going to Sweden now instead of coming to Pakistan, reason coz my Dad’s company had to forcefully plan his training this year rather than next year, so might be after 1.5 months of training Dad finally agrees to come to Pakistan but u never know Dads’ are Dads’ 😛
So ill be travelling with a stoney ceramic covered leg and thinking if people could stop looking at me :S but in vain as People love others misery 😛 I wont be able to stay in contact again as im going there first in my life and aint sure of internet and all that jazz out there but if i came to know about it ill b here soon enough!
Love u guys all especially Ammar and An Illusion(sorry i dont know ur real name) for being such generous of asking about me regularly and please forgive me guys for being so mean not being able to reply u guys in time
Thanks to Asma,MB n Lubna SawJ and any if i missed someone out sorry again for their comments and ill miss u all alot…
See u all guys soon. Wish me Luck!
PS: how could i be so mean to forget the bestest of all my friends :O m sorrrrrrrrry NED m really sorry how mean could i have been *sniff* the person who is always there with me and i was mean by not even thanking him sholly na yaal n dude chill ill be getting u the most amazing souvenior from there alryt 😉 *Hugs*

13 thoughts on “Flying Away!!

  1. infoguide says:

    Oh! I am so sorry to hear about your fracture. May you have a speedy recovery inshallah… 🙂
    Good for you sweety though about the trip to Sweden. Its always good to visit different and new places, Isnt it ?? 😉


  2. An ILLuS|On says:

    Oh be going to is a very beautiful place & I hope you had a safe journey..have fun & do take loads of pictures..try posting few here on thy blog as well..cheers:)

  3. Nikki says:

    thanks dear i hope ur prayers r heard soon 😀

    thanks for the wishes girl 😉

    thanks janab i will b lookin more after myself now 😉 and inshAllah soon enuf ill b sharing my expereinces along with other stuff 😀

    I miss class too, it seems like ages i havent seen the class :S

    i triped fromt he stairs :S sounds bad ryt 😛

    thanks alot and wish i can capture the beauty as u do with thy camera 😉

  4. lubna says:

    i’ve been such an irregular blogger now a days.. this post of urz realy surprised me a lot! I’m sorry to hear about your fracture..and was looking forward to your visit to Pakistan…but hey..Sweden is a great place, Karachi is so hot and dusty now a days that I’m envying u 🙂
    Take cares!

  5. Edan Larson McNeil says:


    you got a very nice blogs mashallah. and you write very well. ill link both of your blogs to mine. keep up the good work…:)

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