Pride of the Past!

How graceful and elegant it might seem, a pugilist soldier standing with his chest high and receiving the badge of honour from the builder of the Nation, the Leader. The blood rush, the spirit, the courage of a soldier that brings him to this Point!

Had a little time at the museum (shame that I had never been there ever in my life) and I must say I so want to be born in the old age, where there was less hypocrisy, fewer tensions, more love and more truth. What is left here in this world! Inventions!! Most of them having added side effects than effectiveness. What is exactly the use of this Nuclear power, kill more and save Less? For which half of the world has gone Ga-Ga all over.

Media, that has gone so paranoid, for which everything goes like a drama, be it a 80 year old man getting married to a 70 year old woman or be it a cat having a 2 faced kitten its drama all the way. Yes we need NEWS, we want to know the truth, we want to see the reality, but what media is showing right now is not reality it’s a puppet show handled by bigger and more powerful people on the back, who can do anything just for the smell of money, hypocrites sparing their so called valuable times on baseless talk-shows, discussing stuff that really has no meaning for them, just trying to shut others mouth. I don’t need any fast track invention, or any hi-fi news channel I just want to live my life the Old-Fashioned way!!!



Aur Karachi mai * DIYE * jaltay rahay…..

My Blog is becoming more of pictures than of Content. I have to start thinking of something now!! Lols its been ages i havent got depressed πŸ˜› ( n yeah that was indeed a LIE n a bit FAT one ^_^ )

LaZy L0vEr ;)

Meet my lazy Lover πŸ˜› Naaah he doesnt love me at all the only thing he L.O.V.E.S is S.L.E.E.P.I.N.G !!! and i have to adore his unique sense of sleeping poor baby cant think of sleeping alone πŸ˜›

But my First in For most LOVE was my Mr:White 😦 [Late]

PS: Im being so Lazy myself that i aint visiting anyone’s blog :s sounds really bad bt inshAllah ill try my level best to be as regular as i can πŸ˜‰