LaZy L0vEr ;)

Meet my lazy Lover 😛 Naaah he doesnt love me at all the only thing he L.O.V.E.S is S.L.E.E.P.I.N.G !!! and i have to adore his unique sense of sleeping poor baby cant think of sleeping alone 😛

But my First in For most LOVE was my Mr:White 😦 [Late]

PS: Im being so Lazy myself that i aint visiting anyone’s blog :s sounds really bad bt inshAllah ill try my level best to be as regular as i can 😉


5 thoughts on “LaZy L0vEr ;)

  1. SAWJ says:

    I had a cat like the brown one, named Guido. He had a really nice voice and we used to make him beg for food because of it. He was also a sleephead.

    He went away one day and never came back.

  2. Nikki says:

    Naveed: Dude mai koe billi ko kha nahe rahe hun :S

    SawJ: Yesh this ones named Bobo and he’s kinda got some attitude issues 😛 but gotta look the faces he makes when everybody else is eating and the poor buddy has nothing to lick upon 😛

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