Aur Karachi mai * DIYE * jaltay rahay…..

My Blog is becoming more of pictures than of Content. I have to start thinking of something now!! Lols its been ages i havent got depressed 😛 ( n yeah that was indeed a LIE n a bit FAT one ^_^ )


9 thoughts on “Aur

  1. Asma says:

    Diyay looks artistic, No?

    The only benefit of loadsheddings … Enjoy the heated days dear … they won’t last long !

  2. UTP says:

    I have noticed a change in trend where a lot of bloggers now speak in pictures instead of words…i have seen photoblogs…

    but your post title sounded like a ranting on electricity outages but it wasnt…hehe…

  3. Kurri Pataki says:

    kaisee ho? kahaan ho? how’s your leg now?

    coming back to the post.. don’t worry, people in america are suffering from the same, lol. we have to light candles here in the midwest every time a tornado decides to visit us (which happens almost every week, sigh).. at least you can blame kesc. we don’t have anyone to blame..

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