Ye Watan Hamara hai…

Jashan-e-YoumeAzadi Mubarik!!

It has been a hard 61st year, i really pray that all of what our people have gone through bores fruit for us. We get peace and satisfaction in what we have and we stop craving for that which is of least utilization for us. We should be making a New Years Resolution now as in what better can we do for this land of pure, our life is not always meant for our desires and lusts, we have some responsiblities towards our nation that we do have to sort out and work for.

Prayers and Best Wishes for all Pakistanis’


7 thoughts on “Ye Watan Hamara hai…

  1. Riaz Haq says:

    Here are a few lines from Faiz that capture the essence of where we stand today.

    ye daaG daaG ujaalaa, ye shab_gaziidaa sahar
    (This Spotty, stained light after the darkness of night)
    wo intazaar thaa jis kaa, ye wo sahar to nahii.n
    (Is this the dawn of freedom we yearned for?)

    najaat-e-diida-o-dil kii gha.Dii nahii.n aaii
    chale chalo ki wo ma.nzil abhii nahii.n aaii

    We have not yet reached our destination.
    So let’s keep marching until we get there.

  2. Nikki says:

    Happy Independence Day to u too SAWJ

    Mr:Riaz m delighted to have u over my blog, and after reading the most fair and remarkable truth by Faiz im enlightened, despite the fact that this was the truth that was said quite a time ago but still stands true…and YES we still have to keep on going without losing Hope 🙂

  3. Asma says:

    I loved the Verses by Faiz, Mr Riaz has mentioned here.

    Things are not on right path … Im just thinking what could be Allah’s will to streamline things like this. Lets wait and see. And be correct in our doings.

    Pakistan Payindabad.

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