Now or When?

18th August, our President Musharraf retired and became a common man, known as General Retired Pervaiz Musharraf. A journey from General Pervaiz Musharraf to General(Rtd.) former President Pervaiz Musharraf crossed over 9 whole years. Journey on a narrow wide highway.
Neither m i sad nor overjoyed, rather there is a high-end increase in my state of confusion as in what is there now left for others to be happy upon? I mean hell yeah we were the ones who once elected him as the President by referendum, later the Parliament itself elected him as the President, and now we are the one’s who r dancing on the roads, distributing sweets and are showing heartiest (bla bla) And what if they say that he was elected then, by the party who are now tasting the flavour of defeat, but whom to believe? those who were kicked out of the Nation then, for the great things they had done at their time.
Politics is indeed a monopoly, everyone manipulates to be the right one, nobody is fair in this game of Politics this is what i have learnt by far from my experience, and as what Shehzad Roy said in his song “Naik tu woh hai jisko moka nahe mila” he’s right those who are still clean are waiting for the right time to have their bite from this piece of Land. Nobody’s perfect, the good things that have been done upfront surely has something beneath that comes forth from time to time. But we still are blindfolded and certainly dont want to see anything at all, just want to lay our heads on the shoulders of the Government and blame up for anything that doesnt suits us. Its not all about the Government its about us who have to CHOOSE the RIGHT thing for ourself. Speak people!Speak for the Right, not wait for the Wrong and then React after the time has gone.
As they say: “Abhe nahe tu Kabhe nahe(Its Now or Never)”
PS: certainly have to wait and see what turns next on the road of Pakistan’s politics.

5 thoughts on “Now or When?

  1. Nikki says:

    Noone to tell u the truth i believe in Noone i dont know what will be the End as there is never the End….We need Truth the divine Truth no matter from whose mouth it will come out of…

  2. NaVeed says:

    lol sawj the same old think which is on our blood pointing finger at other by saying Shehzad Roy is a loool and lool and i thikn MQM will be a ryt choice for you…lols khair

    by the way the line that shehzad roy used is a phrase by a sufi i m not sure but may be Wasif Ali wasif

    and nikki i think we dont need any leaders or something we arent any cricket or football team hena…atleast dont need such assholes like zardari and all

  3. Asma says:

    “Naik tu woh hay jisko moqaa nahi milla”

    How true. In our circumference we are all corrupt to an extent … granted the chance we grab the most. Now or never sounds good but point is what to do that should be now or never?

  4. Nikki says:

    Rightly said Asma, but the only point is why are we listening to those who have a long list of crimes. I mean is the problem of Restoring Judges the one and only thing left for our Leaders aur kuch nahe hai sochnay and krnay ky lyeh???
    Its Now that we use our brains and tongues, i know alot of ppl are talking but they are getting a bit over the board, as burning tires and cars on the roads would also not solve any problem. We have to beat this storm using the right methods on the right time, and if the time runs then that would be the time when Never will be the answer.

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