I have to announce that i will be leaving my blog for sometime….i wont be coming back might be i will buy a domain and start over but sometimes things get so much tangled up that u feel better to leave then to fight, i too am fighting for quite sometime now with my patience, people just get stuck to ur veins like leeches sucking over ur blood, ur drenched in rage drop by drop but u cant somehow do anything about it. Have been mentally upset for a while that ended up me not having interest in writing anything, and yeah Ammar thats the reason u couldnt find that spark in it, i was upset with myself and im upset with everything around me now. My fellow bloggers m sorry for leaving this and my friends in between but I somehow have to give time to myself and regain for a while. I will be back and will be better than before but till then i will be in full commenting state over friends blogs 🙂
Will miss u all and my space
Take care all…..
Note for Anonymous: Please dont waste ur comments over it as u know that too, it will end up being rejected…


Do u really believe in the existance of Soulmate? Hazrat Hawa(Eve) was indeed made from Hazrat Adam. Is the same procedure still carried on? Are women created from Men in the same way, do they really know who their Soulmate is once they meet or just glance at eachother?

Ramzan Mubarik

The Holy Month of ramzan has just started meaning the doors of Heaven are opened, countless blessings will be showered upon everyone in this Month. Ask for forgiveness as much as we can, as this month is filled with forgiveness, the Holy Creator forgives his creature whenever he asks for, grants him all what he asks for.

May we all have a chance to worship througout this Month and gain as much forgiveness for our deeds as we can.

Ramzan Kareem 🙂

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Just finished a book yesterday and after completing the whole story a thought just struck my mind that how conscious we are of our coming few moments that we completely forget the concept of Fate. The concept that, we will eventually reach that place for which we have been destined. Indeed we cant forget the hardwork we do along which sometimes is intended for somethingelse but end up in arriving somewherelse.
The thing that where do we really begin our lives from, the early struggling years on the path of Knowledge, some benefiting from it and some not even getting a chance to attain it. A beautiful story woven by Khalid Hosseini “A Thousand Splendid Suns” has been a remarkable read for me. Though im not sure of it is a True Story or just a plot. A story that makes me ask for forgiveness for why i curse my land that much as still my land is saved from all the terrible suffering that a war struck country bears.
I pray for my country to flourish each coming year, to be saved from all the blood sucking leeches and remain upon us forever like a Motherly Shelter.