Do u really believe in the existance of Soulmate? Hazrat Hawa(Eve) was indeed made from Hazrat Adam. Is the same procedure still carried on? Are women created from Men in the same way, do they really know who their Soulmate is once they meet or just glance at eachother?

6 thoughts on “Questions

  1. NaVeed says:

    concept of soul or a soul mate is not just bounded btw a man and a women its not at all important that one should find his/her soul mate in his life partner

  2. aMmAr says:

    Soul mate theory sounds relevant in books only.In this fast paced life to get a decent partner is a big achievement πŸ˜› then 2 have the soul mate theory alone.

  3. lubz says:

    I read in ahadis that insaan jorday bana ker zameen per bheja gya hai…woh kehtai hai na..couples are made in heaven…yes..soulmate do exist and don’t you worry when you’ll find him or how….jis nai banaya hai wohi saamnay layae ga…

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