I have to announce that i will be leaving my blog for sometime….i wont be coming back might be i will buy a domain and start over but sometimes things get so much tangled up that u feel better to leave then to fight, i too am fighting for quite sometime now with my patience, people just get stuck to ur veins like leeches sucking over ur blood, ur drenched in rage drop by drop but u cant somehow do anything about it. Have been mentally upset for a while that ended up me not having interest in writing anything, and yeah Ammar thats the reason u couldnt find that spark in it, i was upset with myself and im upset with everything around me now. My fellow bloggers m sorry for leaving this and my friends in between but I somehow have to give time to myself and regain for a while. I will be back and will be better than before but till then i will be in full commenting state over friends blogs 🙂
Will miss u all and my space
Take care all…..
Note for Anonymous: Please dont waste ur comments over it as u know that too, it will end up being rejected…

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