Have just realised how bad it is reading in a moving vehicle, i remeber my parents telling this to me a zillion times when i was a kid, NOT to study in a moving car. But never did i listen, and im regretting this today as im in a worst state today just because of reading without thinking. Im having this weird nauseaitic feeling, feeling to vomit somewhere :S though there isnt any need of it.
Hope i get over this feeling soon, but guess a good, night over sleep woud help me in this. So ill be off to bed soon today and yeah Hats Off to my Sir as well who had spent enumerable time over Files and Streams and ended up saying I HATE IT MYSELF!! lols πŸ˜›

3 thoughts on “Tiredness

  1. Fadey says:

    “Files and Streams”^^^to b very honest in my 8 years of programming career, i never learned the syntax of Filing in any language whether it’s C/C++, C# or JavaπŸ˜›even today when i want to program anything related to filing, i always refer to the syntax of the language which i useonce i lost the speed programming competition just bcoz of not knowing the syntax of filing 😦

  2. Sana says:

    Lols Fadey thats so true, everybody SO hates Filing and Streams nobody bothers to work on it and get paid at the time of Practical Examination πŸ˜› even guess the tutors dont prefer giving such Questions but see like u got to pay in that competition. Alas if there is something like this in the syllabus than its written on the stone to work on it πŸ˜‰

  3. NaVeed says:

    okay but i heard people use to reading alot when they go for long travels mostly in trains..and i kinda my self like it πŸ˜› never had such bad feelings

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