Assassination and Jihad!

Was just watching “Benazir’s Assassination” from DAWN News, and was getting sick by the idea of why is all this happening. They had created a recreation of the actual event that might have taken place. All the details they thought was included along with the Govt’s False Statements. Is this Jihad? Is she Shaheed. Is Zardari meant to be our President? Are our Mullah’s doing the right thing killing the innocent? NOOOO!!! i dont believe in any of these questions having answers like Yes.
The thing that i would take first will be the Govt:
  • Where were the security officers when Benazir got shot?
  • Why did they claim that she died because of hitting the lever when she fell by the gun shot’s force?
  • Why was Zardari in Dubai?
  • Why werent any of the Doctors that operated and checked Benazir allowed to give any comments o the issue publically?
  • Of all the 365 days, how did PTCL manage to grab Mullah Mehsood’s Convo on that paticular day.
  • Why to elect Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as the Chairperson of PPPP while electing himself as the President of Pakistan? Im well aware of the age requirements, but if the kid is too small for everything than why to make him a puppet for the Party’s Affairs?
  • If he wanted to be a leader who was not biased, than why not elect such a party member who would have been more experienced and more capable of the post than he was.
  • Why is she declared Shaheed?
My Next Questions are for the Mullah’s irrespective of their Nationalities:
  • Why doesnt Osama Bin Ladin and Baitullah Mehsood pack their own bodies in self-destructive material and push the button infront of bush?
  • I know they r popular but heck whats the use of being a Jihadi then?
  • Why do they preach Jihad in a wrong way, by teaching people to kill the innocent instead of the culprits?
  • Haven’t they read Quran? Dont they know Sunnah?
  • Why are they then hiding inside the mountains, running here and there showing the world that they are the biggest cowards in the world? and Where is Osama NOW??
  • Dont they know that Suicide itself is HARAM in Islam, be it in a Jihadi way or non-Jihadi way.
  • Why did the Leader of Lashkar-e-Jhangwai force the victims to create such a stupid drama in India. What was the use of killing innocent people on railway stations, banks n hotels?
I know what is happening with us Muslims all over the world is indeed terrible. What Israel has done to Palestine is something that is not even near to humanity. But what was the initiative, the Palestinians who were less in number and resources triggered some rocket attacks over Israel as a result of which what happened? every being knows that Israel has destroyed half of Palestine that was left behind killing loads of people and that too innocent people. You go for Jihad a proper Jihad in which you have full resources, a battle in which innocent people wont be killed, but then again the point is if the Issues can be resolved by talks than why killings and war? Cant we do Jihad by the power of Knowledge. For all the knowledge that we had where have we lost it? Have we lost it somewhere between gaining the cultures of the West and losing our interest in gaining what was not Ours in the first place. Jihad is not always bloodshed and killing. It comprises of all those types of hardships that makes a Human calmer and deeper from the inside bearing piece and patience not only for his fellow beings but for the whole of Humanity. ALAS! Islam’s image has been destroyed badly by it’s sole Flag bearers the Mullah’s. I want Muslims to get up and see Islam, Quran, Sunnah, Jihad all of them just clear ur concept. Study ur religion urself, Its not at all only for the Mullah’s, they dont know it more then us nor their words r like mark on a stone. Jihad is not at all as we see these days. There are no more Shaheed’s anymore!!

A New Year has already Begun

I know i know Im late at declaring my New Year, but guess this was the time it was meant to be ;). I have a pretty long list of things that i have decided that I will InshAllah try to cover up. And m really bad at remembering things the time i sat to write this note i had loads of stuff to write but then its all vanished now :S.
Point 1: Have to work up to keep my memory going!

M bad at learning the small things( as pointed out by my friend) I look at the bigger parts of the game.
Point 2: Ill start looking at the smaller details with firm conviction than before, and wont be afraid of the minute creatures 😛

I m old enough, and i still cant cook food (after all i too want to get my hands painted soon 😛 )
Point 3: Ill start learning Professional Cooking from This Year 🙂 though i have already started taking some steps 😉

I cant have control over my anger, im SHORT-TEMPERED and i know that’s bad 😦
Point 4: I have to and surely have to get rid of this Hyper Angerivity 😛

The things I have learnt spirituallyI will InshAllah try to Apply as many of them as Possible InshAllah.
Point 5: Learn and Note Down!.

I need my own domain seriously, I so want my own domian.
Point 6: Will surely get my DOMAIN by the coming next 2 months InshAllah 🙂

I have to learn loads of stuff, read loads of books and do loads of other stuff (that are still unplanned) 😛
Point 7: Tell myself that there are many things that will come into my life UNEXPECTEDLY( be PREPARED *brows stretched*)

I have to get my Driver’s License by February InshAllah. (If i get in the classes On time!!)
Point 8: Have to get myself registered soon, so that my name gets shortlisted 😛

Have to learn how tu put Mehndi ( I mean Mehndi hathun pr lagana sir pr nahe 😛 )
Point 9: Spoil as much hands as I can before this Year’s Eid 😉

Help as may people as I can, be it in anyway. Wherever and Whenever i get a chance i Have to help them InshAllah.
Point 10: Have to make myself firm and have to learn inorder to serve.

Guess these 10 commandments would be enough for now. Rest will come my way as i walk on the trail of this New Year 🙂

بی بی! ہم بھی شہید ہیں

These are the Names of the Brave Men who have fought ruthlessly in Field and brought us the Victory that wasn’t a child’s play in the case of Pakistan who had nothing at the time of Partition but just named tanks and planes. They were the one’s who had solid hearts and a concrete vision of Victory and loosing their lives just for the sake of their Country. Its the day now when nobody knows that 6th of September is Pakistan’s Defense Day, the day to pay patronage to the one’s who have given us their everything.

Captain Muhammad Sarwar
Major Tufail Muhammad
Major Raja Aziz Bhatti
Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas
Jawan Sowar Muhammad Hussain
Major Mohammad Akram
Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfooz
Major Shabbir Sharif
Captain Karnal Sher Khan
Havaldaar Lalak Jan

And then it is, that we can’t even find them on a 10rs Postal stamp, and we can find Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s Pictures engraved on 10rs coins the 1st year after her death. M just bound to question “Shaheed tu woh bhe hain and Shaheed tu yeh bhe hain?”, There are Moselum’s of the members of the Bhutto Family but none for whom have fought for their Country and given their lives. The fight fought by the Bhutto’s is different than what they fought for us. I beleive in Saluting them rather than the Bhutto’s. For me they are the true Martyrs

"TEN-JEW-BERRY-MUDS"(Thank You Very Much)

The following is a telephone exchange between a hotel guest and room-service, at a hotel in Asia , which was recorded and published in the Far East Economic Review (M sure this is a Phillipina call 😛 ):
Room Service (RS) : ‘Morrin. – Roon sirbees.’
Guest (G) : ‘Sorry, I thought I dialed room-service. ‘
RS : ‘Rye .. Roon sirbees . morrin! Jewish to oddor sunteen?’
G : ‘Uh..yes. I’d like some bacon and eggs.’
RS : ‘Ow July den?’
G : ‘What ?’
RS : ‘Ow July den ? … pryed, boyud, poochd?’
G : ‘Oh, the eggs! How do I like them? Sorry, scrambled please.’
RS : ‘Ow July dee baykem? Crease?’
G : ‘Crisp will be fine.’
RS : ‘Hokay. An sahn toes?’
G : ‘What?’
RS : ‘An toes. July sahn toes?’
G : ‘I don’t think so.’
RS : ‘No ? Judo wan sahn toes ?’
G : ‘I feel really bad about this, but I don’t know what ‘judo wan sahn toes’ means.’
RS : ‘Toes! toes!….Why jew don juan toes? Ow bow Anglish moppin we bodder?’
G : ‘English muffin!! I’ve got it! You were saying Toast.’ Fine. Yes, an English muffin will be fine.’
RS : ‘We bodder?’
G : ‘No … just put the bodder on the side.’
RS : ‘Wad! ?’
G : ‘I mean butter…just put it on the side.’
RS : ‘Copy?’
G : ‘Excuse me?’
RS : ‘Copy … tea … meel ?’
G : ‘Yes. Coffee, please, and that’s all.’
RS : ‘One Minnie. Scramah egg, crease baykem, Anglish moppin w bodder on sigh and copy …. rye ?’
G : ‘Whatever you say.’
RS : ‘Tenjewberrymuds. ‘
G : ‘You’re very welcome.’

PS: what kinda hell have that person gone through while just placing a Breakfast order. How would have he ordered Lunch and Dinner 😉 Lols i know how it sounds when people with such accent speak to u and u r like WHAT, WHAT, What did u say there, Sorry i couldn’t get u 😛 and those poor people keep on repeating the same thing with the same accent again n again 😛

Another of THOSE DAYS!

I was just having a good day after all, but HECK sometimes u cant deny the fact. I was supposed to have an Exam today that holds a greater percentage in my Finals. But NOPE! our star-studded SIR said ” I want U guys to have another 100-200 questionnaire to practice and than after the next 2 classes will have the Exam”. Dammit! U haven’t taught anything worth while and ur taking Exams as if we have prepared for the Master’s Level.! The next bomb shell was “The Institute is planning to cut off the internet usage for the Students soon”, and i was like “Why is that so” and he is like” Coz most of u CHAT during the class” and m like “Not ALL are the same”. FOOLS! I call them, we are paying bloody 20,000 bucks for nothing I must say. Education has lost it all. The Faculty skipped four of the Major Chapters declaring its not gonna come in the Exam after all so dun bother, and today “Naaaaah, i didn’t say that. What i meant was those are for self study”, come on, we are not born coders as if we were having wireless keyboards and mouse when we were born, we are here to learn not to study by ourselves. And u want us to go through those 200 n above baseless question tht wont make any sense to us after all. Poor MK my friend. A Jordanian, and a working student. Poor soul was waiting for the Exam till the class ended as He didnt even know it was postponed. How sad i felt when he told me how hard it was for him to go through all of this.
For what happened next i just wanna quote that “INDIANS R SICK, SICK,SICK and more SICK” they r the reasons all Dengue attack Pakistan. No matter ur in an Arab State but if ur in a place where most of the sub-ordinates are INDIANS then they will drive u NUTS just coz they have SICK MENTALITY even SICKER than our MULLAHS’. Im disappointed really disappointed by every official of my Institute they SUCK really bad, as well i sympathise with each and every indivdual who has gone through this.

my hypothesis for FOREVER IS: “Indians’ can never be our well-wishers no matter how sweet their talks get, BEWARE before it gets LATE!!”