Hahahaha Darn it! Who the hell is this Mullah Hafeez? When and Why did he come into the scene. Wallah I swear I had promised myself not to get into this Indian Malodrama, but hell yeah i swear again that this Mullah made me speak my guts out.
First the Indian’s murdered the dozen guys during the encounter keeping just one lad alive for WHAT?? so that later they can make him say “IM a bloody Pakistani”, ” I have a stinky Pakistani Passport and I have CONTACTS”, lols these Indians somtimes make you laugh like u have never before.

Looking at the statements given by the Indian Govt:

  • They first came in by a rubber boat(now how did they manage to pass by miles of open sea while those poor fishermen who have no bad any intentions are caught the spot they are on the boundary line and are sentenced for life)
  • The statement than changed to They were here before and that they had also rented an appartment pretending to be Malaysian citizens(No HELL! r people blind in India that they simply can’t differ between a Malaysian and a Pakistani??) even the snaps of that kid with a AK-47 doesnt look like a Pakistani from any wide angle.
  • The guys in the hotel even threw some evidences just to proof themselves to be Pakistani’s I mean are they that mad and out of their senses that they would be carrying all of this stuff on the crime scene. Gosh the laughter.
Now how the hell have this Mullah arrived at the scene, I mean shame on….(dont know whom to point at) I mean are we that free that we have nothingelse to do other than planning suicide attacks, train crashes,plane crashes n so on so forth. In realilty Hell with these Mullah’s these so called, irrationally portarying Pillars of Islam. Islam is no where near them, they are the most phoniest people in the world, I have made my perception, my belief that no MULLAH is a Muslim. Im bad feeling really bad to say this, but what kind of tabligh is this when u are watching the vulgar stuff urself, what is the tabligh when ur saying bad stuff urself(i cant beleive any Mullah who never spit out a GALI? Mullah kay bachay misaal hain) and YES Im NOONE and again Im NOONE to say all this about anyone but they have made this clear and so obvious I mean who has said this is jihad we know what the Americans are doing and where are they killing the innocent people but Jihad isnt meant to kill their innocent poeple but just would be when u would kill the one who pass these resolutions, if u have seen a man killing an innocent then killing him wouldnt be haram but killing an innocent for the blood of an innocent is HARAM !
Look at now what poor Pakistan has to go through, hell with the politicans who are the most corrupt of the herd, now the forces are like dawgs seacrhing every madrassah and every being with a 2 feet darhee. Kam az Kam besharmoun in sab say pehlay Islam ka naam he soch lia karo. What was the end product of all this, Pakistan was yet again targetted as a terrorist state. America was once again pitiful for India, Zardari again distressed, again all the madrassahs suspicious for Jihad will be shut down, innocent people will just go missing on basis for being suspicious and will be involved in the Indians case for nothing. Shame on Pakistani’s who r still dying for the Indian drama’s and bajana’s who clearly spat that Pakistan has no right to stay united it should be dissolved at the moment. Shame on US for trusting in these Mullah’s and giving innocent souls to be brainwashed, I mean do they know Islam more than us,is Quran only for them to study and preach? can they understand Islam more than any other person’s knowledge? Is their interpretation mark on a stone?

Stop believing blindly on anything that ur mind doesnt accept, WAKE UP see and interpretate things according to ur own capability, if ur unable to get something figured out go to them who REALLY know stuff and use ur brains to accept the reality and not to believe in the fake.


One thought on “Do MULLAON mai MURGHI HARAM !

  1. NaVeed says:

    wow you have pointed out the SOUR Realities about everyone from the internation Drama maker Indian Govt and our SO cALLED MULLAHs jin keh piat itney lambey hotey hain keh ager woh nechay dekay tu pait hi pait naza aye lol tango ka nam-o-nishan hi na hoo anyways all we can do is to stay united and pray for the best and hope for the best Allah is not only for them neither Islam and the Quran is clearly stated that its for the generations to come and also there is no such bandish for Muslims or non Muslim..

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