Bored by the Winter

This winter is seemingly eating me from the inside, have tons of stuff on my To-Do List but yeah coz of this gloomy cloudy weather i cant just make myself to do anything. Have to make a class project, a practise one not the final year Mega Project and for this too m unable to make up my mind. Have to create an e-commerce Fashion Site lols named it Style Botique name ofcourse invented by my Friend and yet again this .Net is shooting my head upside down.
Have started reading ShahabNama alongside but that too cant be read much at a time as it gives u the vibes that takes time to resist. Hve some other little stuff to adjust, moreover visiting others blog here and there is also giving me bigger creeps as in why is my mind being rusted so soon while others r writing as if thy dont have anything else to do 😦 Indeed m Rusted !!
But Nay! have to make myself worth something, and later on after the project will be on some go ill also try to revert to the new blogger template as this classic one is getting me bored along with it. Will work with the same template in the newer version, lets see how i can go along with that.

PS: I had nothing else in mind so i ended up producing this bored note 😦


3 thoughts on “Bored by the Winter

  1. Asma says:

    Oh Style Boutique .. when It’d be done .. share with us ditto .. OK 😀I wana see it already and all the best 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do wonders with ur FYP. ps: can you change your blog skin … not easy to read :s

  2. Sana says:

    Lols @Naveed: u have missed some points in it 😛@Asma: Yeah sure i would love to show it unless Im successful in it too 😛 and yeah bout the theme than just a lil time more as after my assignment ill be working on it too InshAllah 🙂

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