Spending Time

Was spending some time over movies, and found these two quite apart from the usual. Eagle Eye and the Untraceable, both of them are somewhat related to each other on the basis that each revolve around a central character that is either an Artificial Intelligence or a Cyber Criminal.
Eagle Eye is based on an AI gone crazy created by the America Govt. which is still hidden from many of the higher officials. The AI gets mad when the Govt rejects his order of Aborting a so called Afghan killing mission, when th machine clearly specifies that the target they were looking for is not the one they have found in Balochistan(which they pronounced as Ba-lo-KI-istan) and they disregardfully attack on them while they were at a funeral. As an output the AI who has the command over every possible thing, uses all it’s abilities and artificial mental abilites to destroy the current Govt. and replace it with the only person it finds reliable and that is the Secretary of Defence. The Hero’s twin brother who first found out that the machine has gone ga-ga was too murdered by the Intelligent technique of the machine itself. Later the final transaction had to be done by the Hero and a Female associate(that’s what the machine called her :P) and the story goes on so forth dont want to spoil the climax :P. I was just thinking why it was so necessary for America to develop such a thing. Were their own mental capabilties insignificant for all of this? I remaine specualtive.

Untraceable on the other hand is a story about FBI’s Cyber Crime division that are on duty to handle all the on growing cyber crimes and that is not a big deal for them, just click here and there and the person is nailed to the ground. The problem arises when a Person starts a creative site of streaming live coverage of people he has captured and is murdering them with a slower regime. The more visitors to his site, the faster the captured being dies. No strict rules for who is going to be his next victim. No matter how much they try to block his site, he has build such a setup that he keeps on coming back from time to time. Blocking the viewership for Exapt users and portraying a sense of patriotism the psycho keeps on adding people to his list, and later on the Heroine of the film. Though that becomes his bad luck :P.

Both films were good thrillers and good pieces of brain excercise. A good watch ill add it up in the end. DO give them a watch.

Adios till then πŸ™‚


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