Arab’s Culture.

Saw this post about the differences Razz found while his stay in America. I thought why not i compare the things i found different in Arab’s (as m living in Middle-East) And yeah m too not being sarcastic or anything but its just that we all are different and we keep on noticing it 😉 My differences wouldn’t be entitled and they would be simply appearing in a list.

  • For instance Arab women appear on a Hospital Appointment, all dressed up in a way as if they have landed at a wrong place and they were supposed to go on a Wedding Reception.
  • Arab’s just cant live without 2 things and that is their Mobile Phone and a Land Cruiser. They stick to their bluetooth devices or ear phones 24/7, i suppose even in the bathrooms as though they cant even miss a single call. As for the Land Cruiser than no matter u have food at home or u have paid the Electricity bill but u cant forget to fill the Cruiser’s Tank.
  • You cant forget to mention their casual meet-up in which they talk in a way as if they have stuck themselves in a real Bad Conversation “كيف حالك ، وأين أنت” (How are you and where have u been) and then there is a big HAHAHAHAHAHHAH(without any reason and suffice)
  • They order food in a way as if they are inviting 100 people over, but just 2 of them turn out. The 2 of them eat and the HUGE leftover is the crown of the dustbin
  • The Arab lads usually drive their Cars with one leg on the accelerator and one on the window. Yeah that seems weird but that is how they show that they are driving a bloody Automatic Car.
  • They place a 500 bill on the counter for a 2riyal Mineral Water bottle, as if they are there to pay their monthly grocery.
  • The people at the customer service just cant take more than 2 people in a row, they feel itchy and they have to, really have to get up and go for a call on their mobile or drink or anything. It goes for almost every post they are in regarding direct contact with people. Be it Security, Doctors, Customer Service Centers, Banks and i guess everything.
  • Arabs are a great FAN of Plastic Surgery, they want each and every part of their body just like a Hollywood Chick, or a hero 😛
  • They believe in Pre-Marital Medical Check-Ups of the couple(Darn it! they don’t even believe in themselves).
  • The Arab kids encounter with an Expat is something out of the box. They will make their earnest effort to get the F*** word out of ur mouth so that they can cry and go to their Stupid parents who will end up having a stupid and baseless quarrel with u.
  • Arabs cant accept a job that has a low status. They want to be either in manageral posts or GM :P.
  • They will apply for all the possible ATM, Visa or Master cards in almost every bank that exists. Their wallets would be filled with such cards. But when it comes at the working then they are either Expired or Out-of-Balance.

That were almost all the possible differences and some really stupid differences that i could find, but yet Arabs are a good company to be with, they will never interfere in you personal matters unless u want them too. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Arab’s Culture.

  1. NaVeed says:

    <>“They believe in Pre-Marital Medical Check-Ups of the couple(Darn it! they don’t even believe in themselves).”<>i never knew about this oneplus add one more from my side<>“they are simply MORONS”<>

  2. Fadey says:

    Actually this is happening bcoz of lack of education.They forgot what Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W taught to them.1) Islam says don’t waste money on useless things (which Arabs do today). Instead give it to some poor people2) Islam says try to acquire knowledge no matter u have to travel to China. These days Arabs don’t want to study even if education is free for themthese r the 2 basic things which they don’t follow 😦

  3. Sana says:

    <>@Naveed:<> Yes they do this, and many of them follow this practice. Coz of their growing relations with their nationalities 😉<>@Fadey:<> Thats really true. and is a result of any Nation’s down fall.<>@Razz:<>Indeed they r one of the most arrogant beings on this Earth, but yet arrogance cant be just attached to Arab’s it can be found in all cultures n sects.

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