Another of THOSE DAYS!

I was just having a good day after all, but HECK sometimes u cant deny the fact. I was supposed to have an Exam today that holds a greater percentage in my Finals. But NOPE! our star-studded SIR said ” I want U guys to have another 100-200 questionnaire to practice and than after the next 2 classes will have the Exam”. Dammit! U haven’t taught anything worth while and ur taking Exams as if we have prepared for the Master’s Level.! The next bomb shell was “The Institute is planning to cut off the internet usage for the Students soon”, and i was like “Why is that so” and he is like” Coz most of u CHAT during the class” and m like “Not ALL are the same”. FOOLS! I call them, we are paying bloody 20,000 bucks for nothing I must say. Education has lost it all. The Faculty skipped four of the Major Chapters declaring its not gonna come in the Exam after all so dun bother, and today “Naaaaah, i didn’t say that. What i meant was those are for self study”, come on, we are not born coders as if we were having wireless keyboards and mouse when we were born, we are here to learn not to study by ourselves. And u want us to go through those 200 n above baseless question tht wont make any sense to us after all. Poor MK my friend. A Jordanian, and a working student. Poor soul was waiting for the Exam till the class ended as He didnt even know it was postponed. How sad i felt when he told me how hard it was for him to go through all of this.
For what happened next i just wanna quote that “INDIANS R SICK, SICK,SICK and more SICK” they r the reasons all Dengue attack Pakistan. No matter ur in an Arab State but if ur in a place where most of the sub-ordinates are INDIANS then they will drive u NUTS just coz they have SICK MENTALITY even SICKER than our MULLAHS’. Im disappointed really disappointed by every official of my Institute they SUCK really bad, as well i sympathise with each and every indivdual who has gone through this.

my hypothesis for FOREVER IS: “Indians’ can never be our well-wishers no matter how sweet their talks get, BEWARE before it gets LATE!!”


8 thoughts on “Another of THOSE DAYS!

  1. MEER says:

    We all have gone throughthiese really horrible dogmatic,wanting to blow them up Teacher pakistan teachers almost always take immense pleasure in torturing students in more than one ways.Happy bieng a miserable student,the freer you are,the more intellegent you are the more miserable and torturable you will become! I hope this satisfy you.Ps; dont feel sorry for poor ,needy students,it will only make you more miserable.Take care .

  2. Sana says:

    Well have to say then, Teachers aren’t Teachers any more whilst Students aren’t students any more 😛 But sometimes sympathy comes in a good way, u end up helping each other. Don’t u?

  3. NaVeed says:

    i hate indians too no matter and ill really teach them a good lesson for what they did today man i just hate them hate them and hate them i am just waiting for my turn inshallah you will see

  4. Sana says:

    <>Awais:<>Well m studying at Aptech Worldwide, n by IBM u mean the Institute for Business Management in Karachi or is it the Company IBM or is it something else couldn’t get u there actually :S<>Naveed:<>hahaha ill be waiting for that seriously, will upload the story later 😛

  5. Fadey says:

    yaaaar internet usage cutaaabuahahaha😛kiaa bore kiaseriously these hindis don’t even have brain to put some restrictions on there internet connection so that students can’t chat, n browse useless sitesi think they don’t have good network admins otherwise every admin can do it easilylike blocking these chat or social networking sites, or anything useless

  6. Fadey says:

    your institute can use proxy server for blocking such kind of thingsand then configure each machine to use proxy to use internet🙂that way anything blocked on the proxy server will not open on any machine using ur institute’s connectionand yeah i more thing. i used to think that how q-tel block large amount of adult contents on the connections they providethen i searched on it and found that there r extremely intelligent softwares available in the market that can block any kind of content that u wantthese softwares r called Content Control Softwares.Microsoft did a gr8 job for helping the parents to block such things by providing Parental Control feature lve this feature coz it’s if u want to tease ur younger bro/sis 😛coz u can block not only web contents like this:😛but u can also block games, or any other soft, not only this. u can also spy on them using coz u can set Windows to auto generate a log file that can monitor each n every activity like:– – – – – – – * Most recent websites blocked. * Attempts to visit sites that have been specifically blocked or allowed. * What files were downloaded. * What file downloads were blocked. * When the user logged on. * What programs they have run. * Emails sent and received * Instant Messages sent and received. * What games were played. * What media such as movies and videos were played.– – – – – – –above list is taken from the tutorial whoz link is given above😀But if u wanna block content at large scale like in a school, institute, or at any workplace, then u must use some professional content control softwares like this one: hell lot of softwares available for this purposenot only this, they r avaiable 4 any platform like Windows, Mac, Unix or Linux 🙂u can chk the list over here:

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