A New Year has already Begun

I know i know Im late at declaring my New Year, but guess this was the time it was meant to be ;). I have a pretty long list of things that i have decided that I will InshAllah try to cover up. And m really bad at remembering things the time i sat to write this note i had loads of stuff to write but then its all vanished now :S.
Point 1: Have to work up to keep my memory going!

M bad at learning the small things( as pointed out by my friend) I look at the bigger parts of the game.
Point 2: Ill start looking at the smaller details with firm conviction than before, and wont be afraid of the minute creatures 😛

I m old enough, and i still cant cook food (after all i too want to get my hands painted soon 😛 )
Point 3: Ill start learning Professional Cooking from This Year 🙂 though i have already started taking some steps 😉

I cant have control over my anger, im SHORT-TEMPERED and i know that’s bad 😦
Point 4: I have to and surely have to get rid of this Hyper Angerivity 😛

The things I have learnt spirituallyI will InshAllah try to Apply as many of them as Possible InshAllah.
Point 5: Learn and Note Down!.

I need my own domain seriously, I so want my own domian.
Point 6: Will surely get my DOMAIN by the coming next 2 months InshAllah 🙂

I have to learn loads of stuff, read loads of books and do loads of other stuff (that are still unplanned) 😛
Point 7: Tell myself that there are many things that will come into my life UNEXPECTEDLY( be PREPARED *brows stretched*)

I have to get my Driver’s License by February InshAllah. (If i get in the classes On time!!)
Point 8: Have to get myself registered soon, so that my name gets shortlisted 😛

Have to learn how tu put Mehndi ( I mean Mehndi hathun pr lagana sir pr nahe 😛 )
Point 9: Spoil as much hands as I can before this Year’s Eid 😉

Help as may people as I can, be it in anyway. Wherever and Whenever i get a chance i Have to help them InshAllah.
Point 10: Have to make myself firm and have to learn inorder to serve.

Guess these 10 commandments would be enough for now. Rest will come my way as i walk on the trail of this New Year 🙂


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