Weather Update ;)

Im sooooooooo LURVING the weather today 😉


8 thoughts on “Weather Update ;)

  1. shinday_ says:

    yeah I'm glad the weather got a bit chilly for a change..duhhh I hate Qatar coz of its weather..hmph!but I'm loving this cold & gloomy weather..wish it stays like this for few days:S

  2. Sana says:

    <>UglyDuckling: <>Awww thats bad 😛<>Ayaz: <> hahahahaha but u shouldnt hate it anymore as the weather has switched drastically according to ur mood 😉<>YH: <>hmmm well same here for the past few days m waking up with a bad throat bt it eases after a few hours 😛<>Asma: <>No wonder whats happening in Isloo right now 😛 The people would have gone mad from the chills 😉

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