Why is always India Targetted????

Lols dont worry for the header look whats inside πŸ˜‰ and also coz i couldn’t think of any other better subject than this. Was browsing a social networking site for the people situated in my area, discussing stuff that rather irritates them or any other social interests. It is there where i found this forum topic created by a Jai Hindi Indian Girl(seems to be still immature :P)Daring enough to state that:

According to the star news report yesterday there had been several bomb blasts in India in 2008 viz Mumbai,Malegaon,Delhi,Bangalore,Jaipur and Ahmedabad.My question is,why do the terrorist always target only India for bloodshed.Dont you think its unfair on there part to do so?The condition of all the casuals was so pathetic and sad that ones eyes will be filled with tears at the site and I nearly switched off my T.V.For the country’s defence many inspectors and NSG’S lost there lives and there families were in rage.Dont you think that killing innocent people is just ridiculous,tyrant and animous.What the hell the terrorist gain by shedding the blood of millions.This has happened for the first time in the history of India.I was really moved by those scenes.Good news is that the old taj hotel has been restructured and rebuilt with in a period of 25 days and is ready to welcome its guest as the sanskrit saying”Atithi devo bhava” which means guests are an image of God.Indians ur comments are welcome in this regard but please see to it that you do not hurt anyones sentiments.Lets have a better year 2009 atleast.Jai Hind!!!

Now what struck mine and other people’s head was, are Indians sooo self centered that they couldn’t see anything else other than their Own Country. I mean that stupid girl also stated that:

Plz don mention about Pak,Afghanistan,Iraq and Palestians,we can hear about dem everyday and so ders nothing shocking about dem,its daily hitting the headlines. o plz…. I know wats going in the other parts of the world but since I am an Indian I will only think about India ok u fools.all nationals wiil think about der country only not da whole world

I mean lols these statements and ofcourse plenty other made me pity Indians as unka haal tu humsay bhe gaya guzara hai πŸ˜› I thought we were the victims of brain washing but heck Indians’ dont even have a brain (lols no offense there). I mean she claimed the world for always Targetting India for terrorism and bloodshed and later changed the statement to, watever is happening in Pakistan, Iran, Palestine is a day-to-day regime no new news. So how come India is the only place targetted for bloodshed. The amount of blood shed by the poor Palestinians Kashmiri’s and Iraqi’s is uncountable. But for Indian’s that is a daily news. Indeed they are the most self-centered creatures in the Entire World. Always ready to create drama just to hide the shaking hopes of their people inside. They have made endless efforts but all in vain coz of these fake spirits, and exaggerating efforts created to oppress others feelings. I was not at all amazed to see Indians’ interpretation about a small effort made by us Pakistani’s just for Pakistan here at Faisal Qureshi’s blog. This all shows how coward Indians’ are and conniving in their efforts made to portray Pakistan as a Terrorist Builder Nation. Though if they look deep inside they will come to know that the real culprits are those whom they are feeding and sheltering themselves. No war comes from Outside where there is so much bad on the Inside.

End of Discussion!

Hypothesis: Indian’s neither are nor will be our friends EVER!


5 thoughts on “Why is always India Targetted????

  1. siras says:

    That statement by that girl that the bloodshed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, <>Palestine<> was every day news, made me want to curse!

  2. NaVeed says:

    lol at indians lol yesterday i was asking some question regarding current scenario form an indian teacher too but ALLAS !!! he was the same as this girl same mentality which i think its more than a curse to em lols

  3. Altamash says:

    What was wrong with her saying that there is blood shed here daily? Its true no?And when she says she cares only about India and doesnt want to hear about others,well done to her!If only more Pakistanis would start thinking about their own country then our cities and zaat and what not.We have public rallies for other countries and what not,but i see no big rally or people on the street or the mullahs doing their dance after friday prayers about the state of the economy or the rotu kapra makaan and what this govt has done over the last 6 months or so.If we can cry about other countries and come out on the streets for them in large numbers then why not for our own country?She knows whats happening around the world but only cares about India as she is Indian,well done to her and i hope we can learn from her.Pakistan First!!

  4. Sana says:

    <>Siras, Naveed & Daanish<>I feel the same way nobody should just close their eyes and feel half dead about the rest of the world.<>Altamash:<> Keeping in mind that we ar Muslims way before than we are Pakstanis’ we feel the pain of seeing innocent people being killed. Its not just for Muslims, there are many Palestinians Lebanese who are not Muslims but get killed and being a Human its inhumane not to consider whats happening around us and just keep on crying about ur own troubles.Ur not keeping in mind that there are a large number of rallies going on almost after one day or the other regarding many issues in Pakistan. Yes we might be less in number who r working sincerely for our Country but they are there, and being a Human we care about the rest of the people as much as we care about our Pakistan. Be possessive about ur land but dont become self-centered as thats when u forget the reality and keep on hiding even the bad stuff.

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