Where is…?

I was waiting for Osama bin Laden to carry on with his plan to save the Muslims of Palestine. As he portrays himself as the sole Saint of the Muslims. Portraying Islam as the worst Religion in the World. Portraying Muslims as not humans but butchers. Shame on him, Alas! Shame on every so called Jamiyat who say that they kill in the name of Allah and Islam. They do Jihad and where on Earth is their Jihad now? Cowards I predict, killing unarmed innocent people of their own country where as fighting against Israel will indeed kill them in return thats what they are afriad of, from getting killed, to die, to get questioned from Allah for their Jihadi plans.Is this their Jihad and their spirit of Jihad in the name of Allah and Islam? Come out from ur cocoons and look around it’s time for the real Jihad NOW!!

4 thoughts on “Where is…?

  1. Fadey says:

    Come one sis, try to understand that conspiracies of jews to make the bad image of Islam in front of whole world. They use terms like 9/11, terrorists, Osama, blah blah blah to give a real poisonous image of Islam in west. But still they are not successful in doing so. Still Islam is growing n inshALLAH it will keep on growing coz the truth always grow.

  2. Sana says:

    Do i THINK? M damn sure he is ALIVE. Who else would America save other than Osama. All this war on Afghanistan isnt War against Terror its just another of America’s conspiracy to keep people away from the REAL THING. Osama isn’t a well wisher of Muslims he’s just another Man who is craving for Power.

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