Manoo Bee.!

Was planning to share this Vdo of my Manoo Bee long ago but possibly couldnt get the time to upload it and post it. She isnt any Hi-Fi kitty from Hollywoodstar just a simple street cat, I remember spotting her somewhere in our compound 2 years ago, she was quite small at that time. But then again she landed in our area for like 2-3 months now, and have been under our care for half a month ;). She is one Fat Kitty I should add, and a Curious one as well. Highly curious about our drawing room items 😛 But poor thing nobody will let her in to thattakbole place as we all know she will end up breaking something. Also she’s the damn cleverest of all that I have seen so far, she will cry at your doorstep with a horrible horrible I say really horrible voice and as soon as you open your door will give u those Big Big Puppy eyes:puppyeyes: like this one as if she was starving for ages, and baby she has got a good taste of a 5 star hotel menu doesnt eatmerajuk anyother thing like those kittys I remember from Pakistan who could eat any possible thing u gave them including butterpuffs 😛 And after a few trips inside of our house she has figured out a new way to stay inside more by laying down and pretending to play dead soalwhile we try and drag her out of the place. Gosh animals are clever! even more than a 3o year old guy. M just *shoo shooing* her most of the time in the video, have a watch n do comment on my Manoo 😉


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