From Chander Mohan to Chand Mohammed

Was browsing through some boring networks on my TV when i noticed some weird crying and mourning news on Sahara, out of thought i predicted it would be one of those terror attack stories. But on further clarification it came out as a Minister lad or should i say a Man as he is no where near a lad converted to Islam just so that he can marry the love of his life. Now this seems weird he could have married her anyways just like all the other Actors have done so. But the case was then again that this would be his second marriage, he was already married with some 2-3 kids from his first wife. And as stated in Hindu law or State law watever, who doesnt support polygamy. Meaning they cannot marry again without a divorce. And “Sonay pey Suhaga” Women have the right to present Divorce in Indian or Hindu law etc.
So to marry the love of his life who was formerly Anuradha Bali, and now called Fiza they have converted to Islam, with a thousands support of Muslims from around the country. And this ticked my mind really bad as in why are Muslims supporting a Convert who has accepted Islam for not what Islam is or Allah or Muhammad (PBUH) are but for that so he can easily marry another woman without any allegations from the Law. I mean what about the kids then are they Muslims now after what their father has converted, or are the still Hindus?? M confused as in what is it? is Islam a joke for the Muslims of India or all over the world or what. I mean I havent seen any other confused Muslims in the world in the case of marriages then in India. Where there is a solid clarification in Islam that a Muslim Man cannot marry a woman who is not from one of the Holy religions. Means Hinduism is struck off from the beginning of the list. Then why these people keep on repeating the same stuff generations after generations. I remember their was a show on dunno which Indian Channel where some so called real life bf/gf were meant to compete in order to get married, and there were i suppose 2-3 couples who were Hindu/Muslim and none of them were thinking about the fact that have to be thinking about what religion they will be pursuing or to be precise their children. They were bothered bout what their parents will say. And MashAllah the parents had other issues who were far more important than religion like how will the girl adjust in a joint family with loads of family members. I mean WTH is that?? does it hold any value?

M perplexed!!
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9 thoughts on “From Chander Mohan to Chand Mohammed

  1. Ubaid says:

    yaar i can belive in one thing … that if they converted for love then its ok … with time religion will come into them …. but still this was a sick joke …

  2. siras says:

    Ah, yes, it’s quite disgusting to see Islam being made a joke of like this. Okay, he converted to Islam for whatever reason, he doesn’t know better.But what about the Muslims rooting for him?? Are they crazy or what?

  3. Fadey says:

    yar mujhay lagta hai us ka dil kr raha tha Muslim honay ka lakin us ko dar ho ga dasary hindus kaes liye wo love ka bahana mar k Musalman ho giya hehehe….😛

  4. Sana says:

    <>Jingoist:<> Why Islam? not because they think its the best religion, but its just because they wanted the easy way out.<>UB: <>Now see thats where most of the Muslims go wrong. Its not like love is there and religion will be developed later on. Allah is and should be our top Priority. Its not just that we can take Allah for granted. Love becomes something materialistic when it’s bottled up in a Human.<>Siras: <>I totally agree with u in the part that why are other Muslims supporting this fact.<>Fadey: <> Hahahahaha now this is some positive attitude 😛

  5. Ubaid says:

    yeah agree with you … but i loved what FADEY said … because hindus do belive in love … maybe this can be the reason … that they really wanted to be a muslim … and who are we to judge ?? may be they can be devoted muslims after all … akhir kaar ALLAH hi janta hai !!

  6. Razz says:

    I would give them the benefit of the doubt rather on commenting on the reasons they chose to become Muslims. It is obvious, it was for love, but you may never know … they might end up being better Muslims than us (who don’t exactly set the bar high to be honest)

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