Teen Teen Teen(Ringing sound)

Dont take this post title as m having some post teen jilts or something coz I didnt even have it when I was a teen myself, Its the constant beep teen sound that I can still hear in my head, and its all coz of my fast driving, careless overtaking and drinking mineral water while driving at a speed of 140km/h Driver :sobrakana:. I mean I could have said him to drive slowly but have talked to him twice before I guess and that stupid hears my voice and turns a 180degrees, looks at me while he is driving. And i cant risk making him turn at such an angle with a speed of over 130km’sgarupale. Gosh! he has even slept over at such a speed, and I had to clear my throat really badly just so that my voice could bring him back 2 reality. Already i was having a bad day, than again a boring lecture over stupid .Net Authentication which for by far I had no interest in. The constant lights off and on in the class and looking constantly into the laptop during all this was giving me circus spins gile. And uper say my friend M was so into asking me the meaning of the word “NOW” that I cant really imagine how I made him understand what NOW stood for. Im laughing so badly right now thinking upon it as in how that poor guy would have understood the meaning while I was just saying him.

See NOW means as in Just NOW, or like Right NOW, and all i could see was his smiling blank face xpasti

I mean the telling him the meaning of the word TOUGH was farrrr easier then explaining him the concept of NOW. Me no Arabic and He certainly No Good ENGLISH angkatkening. Apart fromt that got back home and found out that Miss Manoo Bee wouldn’t be let inside the house from now on, as my sis has developed some sort of allergy from her and also because she constantly brings piles of mud into the house so better off feed her outside and no comfy bed for her from now on putuscinte. Below is the day spent in Videos n Pictures :eheh:


The constant beep sound can be heard in the background.

During the Boring Lecture

My Palo Manoo Bee 😦


15 thoughts on “Teen Teen Teen(Ringing sound)

  1. jingoist says:

    heh… so finally ur mano billy is jila watan!!so sad.. i remember the same thing happened… on the birth of my first ever niece… and everyone was so concious about the hygienic env that they closed all the possibles openings through which ma billa could enter…*tsk* *tsk*

  2. YouTee says:

    your first image shows that there is some coding lecture ?? MashAllah so cute CAT, don’t treat her/his(don’t know gender) like that …wish i was there for daycare for you kittiYouTee

  3. Absar says:

    I have a simple solution for the <>teen teen teen<> – get a car that only makes that sound once πŸ˜› 140 isn’t that fast yar. In fact sometimes it seems a little dull on Emirati roads, no? πŸ˜›And let’s ALL cuddle the cat!

  4. Sana says:

    <>Noor Ali: <>Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚<>Jingoist: <>Poor billa of urs πŸ˜› but still my Manoo Bee is free to come but not allowed into the rooms u see πŸ˜‰<>Naveed: <>Aisy mat bolo yaar 😦 ur the only one who really knows how much i love em 😦<>Dinky Mind: <>Yeshhhh :(.<>Siras: <>Sure why not πŸ˜‰ she’s all urs.<>Uglyduckling: <>Just like me πŸ˜›<>Calm n Cool: <>Thanks for coming by πŸ™‚<>Rebelchic: <>Yesh it is a cutie πŸ˜‰<>UTP: <>Guess my simple english is quite bad that made u go ga-ga πŸ˜› lols i too couldnt understand why u didnt get it might be it is a chain post thats why πŸ˜›<>Absar: <>Yeah do lemme know which one is that and dude 140 wouldnt be that much for guys but seriously here in Qatar it has caused come serious wreckages :S

  5. Absar says:

    Lots of cars have that. In fact, I think there are only a handful that DO have this nagging sound. But this varies from country to country. And LOL! You put it like there are no guys in Qatar – comparing ‘guys’ to ‘Qatari roads’ πŸ˜› Idhar UAE mein to if you’re driving at 120 on the highway it feels slow!

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