A Neat Transition

I love the Center One fikir


17 thoughts on “A Neat Transition

  1. YouTee says:

    nice!! the one you guys talking about , i guess he should be brother of Past and Future president …btw :: salamyou have tagged !! chk it out my blog!!YouTee

  2. lubna says:

    Nikki deary, rreally glad to see you back on blogging (I believe I’ve expressed this earlier as well but what the heck, I am glad!)You’ve been tagged by the way 🙂

  3. Sana says:

    <>Ugly Duckling: <>Does he have em 😛 I find him BALD 😛<>YouTee: <>The tag has been, and Walaikumsalam 🙂<>UB: <>haha yeah 😉<>Siras: <>😀<>Naveed<>Yeah B Hussain Obama is Not Barack Hussain i guess u meant Bush H Obama 😛<>Cavalier84: <>Lols why on Earth would i mind 😛 they arent from my Family tree 😛<>Maria and Stefano: <>Alryt will see that with the passage of time 😛<>FarooqK: <>Arent U the one who suggested him this brand 😉<>Luboo<>Its quite a time that m here but guess u noticed it late 😦 and yeah the tag has also been done 😉

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