The 4 Tag for ME

Ok so i was tagged before by Youtee kinda around 2 weeks ago and then today by Luboo for the 4 Tag Game. But m such retard that i kept thinking for so long as in hat would be the 4 things that I would plac in each list gigil. Im a loner basically nothing much to do in my hand. Usually remain bored and as a result my brin is kinda rusted as wellblur. So finally I have musterd up some courage to atleast write something than NOTHINGsengihnampakgigi

4 Places I Go to Over and Over Again
Thats damn hard man :S

  1. Early Morning to the washroom.
  2. Alternate Days to the Institute.
  3. Occasionally to Malls for shopping.
  4. And daily for a walk in the Eve.
4 People Who (E-)Mail Me Regularly
Nobody bothers to Email me or keep me updated for any reason 😦
  1. My sister often sends me some Fwded Emails.
  2. My buddy Ned often sends me some of his new digital creations for sneak preview and for my honest critics 😉
  3. My bro Fadey sends me some useful emails, mostly my answers regarding code horrors 😛
  4. and yeah Mc.Afee and I dont know why the hell M i stuck over their Server though i havent used Mc.Afee ever in my Life.
4 of My Favourite Places to Eat (Apart from Home)
M a total Foody :D, usually go for the Junkies
  1. Die Hard fan of Pizza and i only prefer Pizza Hut for this.
  2. Opera Cafe.
  3. Shezan (a local Pakistani Restaurant) for its Special BBQ.
  4. Hardees.
4 Places I’d Rather be Now
  1. In outer space.
  2. In the Kitchen to eat something 😛
  3. In the Institute most probably.
  4. Some where deserted and alone.
4 Favourite TV Shows
  1. Ugly Betty
  2. Grey’s Anatomy
  3. Usually Discovery Documentaries 😛
  4. Pakistani Dramas.
So thank God thats it, and I hope I havent left anything behind 🙂

Now I tag:

Dinky Mind.


10 thoughts on “The 4 Tag for ME

  1. Fadey says:

    U can easily get rid from Mcafee mails. Just check their email and find a link saying “unsubscribe”.If u can’t find it, then simply make it Spam/Junk so their mail will always move to Spam/Junk folder 😛

  2. NaVeed says:

    hi and sorry yaar for not posting up i was sick and nearly on the edge of getway to galaxies but wahan say wapis agaya hon and now i m fine and good so will post it soon inshallah 🙂

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