A New Thing that I Discover :P

Lols It just popped up to me that from now on whenever Ill discover something that would be NEW to me ill drop by here and share it with other people no matter how common it would be for others. Like right now I have discovered how versatile this new browser is, named FLOCK. It just arrived through a Tweet. I mean a Peep Awais Naseer tweeted about how he was njoying Flock and Safari browser side by side. I had been hearing about Flock since long but never gave a thought to dll it. And now I did πŸ˜› and to my surprise this is the most complex yet so dynamic at the same time. It is basically a social networking browser with almost all the social vibes built in it. From Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, Wordress to any other thing that is Social. A dyanmic toolbar that allows u to choose from any site that U want to get connected to, and most of all the interesting FB sidebar πŸ˜› a unique n easy drag n drop feature, media bar that shows u the most amazing collection πŸ˜‰
Im happy to have discovered something New and yeah If u have time then do give it a look πŸ˜‰ here

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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